Ambassador Rialla received a report from Sorvis Lenn, a salarian botanist, stating that one of the Angaran Resistance fighters threatened him. In order to resolve this issue, Rialla can ask the Pathfinder to investigate.

 Acquisition Edit

Once Ryder frees the Moshae, the Resistance allows the Andromeda Initiative to open an embassy on Aya. At the Initiative's embassy, Ryder will encounter Ambassador Rialla reporting to Director Jarun Tann on the progress of the delegation. Talk to Rialla to start the assignment.

Walkthrough Edit

The Pathfinder must first locate Sorvis Lenn who is located at the labs near the Tavetaan. He will explain how an angara approached him and accused him of killing his friend. Unfortunately Lenn wasn;t able to catch the name of the angara, but was able to tag him with infrared dye. The dye can be scene using an omni-tool to scan the nearby angara. The angara however is located in the Resistance headquarters, near the training grounds.

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