Director Tann has suggested strengthening ties between the Initiative and Aya by allowing angaran volunteers to live on the Nexus. Several angara have expressed interest, and Ambassador Rialla has tasked you with interviewing each candidate.

Acquisition Edit

Once Ryder frees the Moshae, the Resistance allows the Andromeda Initiative to open an embassy on Aya. At the Initiative's embassy, Ryder will encounter Ambassador Rialla reporting to Director Jarun Tann on the progress of the delegation. Talk to Rialla to start the assignment.

Walkthrough Edit

The first candidate is Saalro who is found at the docks on Aya. Saalro is honored to be migrating to the Nexus, however he wants to know if he will be able to work alongside the Initiative's species or be just an observer. Ryder can assure him with a definite answer that he will be given employment which reassures him, but if Ryder chooses the latter answer he will not accept.

The second candidate is Helruul, who is sitting on a bench at the top of a flight of stairs in the marketplace on Aya. Helruul is interested in moving to the Nexus, but wants assurances that he will be able to keep in contact with his family. Ryder can either state that visits between Aya and the Nexus can be arranged for his family or he can use technology to keep in contact. If Ryder chooses the first option, Helruul's worries will be nullified and he will join, but upon hearing the option of using technology he becomes disgruntled and refuses the transfer.

The third candidate is Yuraalt, who is found in the museum on Aya. She is eager to transfer to the Nexus, but worried of the possible dangers of disease outbreak. Ryder can give a definite yes, but Yuraalt will see it as sarcasm and decline. Instead, Ryder should state that there are no guarantees, to which Yuraalt agrees, but will still join.

Rewards Edit

  • 270 XP

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