Travel the cluster and take planetary scans to improve Dr. Aridana's celestial model.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Dr. Aridana again after getting Task: Missing Scientists and agree to help her to accept the task.

Walkthrough Edit

Access The Terminal Edit

Interact with the nearby terminal to get an update on her cluster model.

Cluster Model: Dr. Leynomi Aridana

-The three initial system models will be complete by next week. We shall see our place in the world.
-Orbital variance for the Nexus: it must be corrected as construction corrects our orientation.
-A reminder:

Our daughters will not know stasis
The six hundred years sleeping.

They will be born of Andromeda
And whatever is unfolding.

This cluster in its chaos
Was not welcoming,

But it matters less what we suffer here,
More, what we bring.

Scan Planets Across Heleus (0/50) Edit

Ryder will have to scan 50 planets to complete this objective.

Speak With Dr. Aridana Edit

Dr. Aridana is pleased with Ryder's efforts and gives Ryder a reward. (No reward is given other than XP).

Rewards Edit

  • +1330 XP (not always displayed on screen)