You've discovered a research station left behind by one of Eos' first settlers. SAM theorizes that there may be more at other remnant sites.

Acquisition Edit

Land on Eos and investigate the first datapad to acquire the task.

Walkthrough Edit

To complete this task, you must recover three of the associated datapads located at different Remnant sites.

  • The site on the northern rim of the bowl surrounding the large lake is usually encountered during the Priority Op A Better Beginning while traveling from the first monument site to the second. When Ryder first arrives at the ruin, a battle between a group of Remnant Assemblers with Observers against a pack of Challyrion is underway. If left alone, the Remnant units will deal with the Challyrion and start attacking you. Killing an Observer here will net you +25XP. Besides the datapad there is a randomized loot crate and scannable Remnant explosive crates (10 Rd icon remnant orange), Scourge tendrils (10 Rd icon heleus orange), and an element zero deposit.
  • sites include a Remnant site east of Resilience,
  • A Scourge-infested Remnant site is located on the southwest bank of the monolith lake. As Ryder approaches this site, a kett dropship unloads a squad of Chosen and it becomes a three-way battle between kett, Remnant bots and wildlife. Pick off those that remain and secure another Scourge/Remnant site west of the north monolith, and one near the kett base in the mountains.

Once all three datapads are collected, a nav-point will be set to an underground Remnant facility. Take the gravity well down to see the conclusion of the researcher Ana Carrell.

Deeper into the site there is a Destroyer which Ana successfully activated, once destroyed, Ryder can freely scan and collect loot that resides in the room.

Datapads Edit

Research Notes: Ana Carrell
A group of us arrived from the Nexus as trailblazers on Eos. Most of my people already want to go back. But I'm determined, at the very least, to do some good for the Initiative. I've discovered these ruins--don't know what to make of them yet, but I'm going to continue researching them. whoever constructed this could still be here in Heleus. And we need their help. This isn't what Jien Garson envisioned.

Research Notes: Ana Carrell
We had our first death yesterday. Morale is dropping. People are getting sick. Now more than ever I'm determined to find something of value in these technological ruins. I know there's vital data here, but I can't access it. Even with my decryption skills it locks me out. But I can't give up. The Nexus is counting on us to be the vanguard of the Initiative. I'm going to keep moving, and hope I find something of use.

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