A discovered report indicates that supplies headed for Prodromos have gone missing. Checking the supply drop sites might uncover some information about what's happening.

Aquisition Edit

This task is available once a settlement has been established on Eos and the radiation has cleared (which happens when you return to Eos after visiting Aya). Interact with the marked terminal on the first floor of the building with the merchant and acknowledge the entry to acquire the task.

Prodromos supplies report
Reporting: Prodromos supply Jerry O'Donnell

Log Begins

Shrinkage from our survey team supply drops has been running at 15%. If we had people to spare, I'd send them to investigate the actual sites. Still, it's pissing me off. It's rough country, but I've been told to expect up to 20% loss. Doesn't mean I accept it.

(Navpoints of supply loss sites available.)

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate supply drop sites Edit

Head to one of the navpoints to scan the lost supplies and clear out the vermin. Scan the debris.

Depending on which site Ryder scans, SAM will make different suggestions on what happened or Ryder will reach different conclusions about what happened.

Ryder can continue investigating further sites to uncover the truth, or head back to the terminal to finish the task early by completing the objective "Report the wild life."

Optional: Investigate other sites Edit

If Ryder chooses to check out the other navpoints, the next one found confirms that the crates were opened first, before any vermin got to them.

The next site seems to indicate that, though the drops were set to a certain schedule, the drop dates were modified to ensure that the culprits wouldn't run into anybody.

Scanning the last point, SAM identifies a possible source for the delivery data corruption and marks it on the map. At this point, "Report the wildlife" is marked as failed, but you receive another step instead.

Investigate the hideout Edit

Nearing the navpoint, someone named Chase Gagnon will threaten the Pathfinder over comm, but he is convinced to stand down and talk. It turns out the thieves are exiles from the Nexus, hoping for some way to make it back. Ryder can either offer them a new start in Prodromos, or tell them to get off of Eos.

Report the smugglers Edit

Go to Prodromos and upload the investigation data to the terminal. The quest is then complete.

Rewards Edit

  • 530 xp.
  • 29 AVP
  • 2% Eos Viability

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