You've discovered a suspicious kett device among some Remnant ruins. To determine its purpose, SAM needs more information.

Acquisition Edit

Kett device subjugation

Available after visiting Aya and traveling to Voeld. Destroy any device to acquire the task.

Walkthrough Edit

Voeld subjugation map

The kett devices appear to spawn randomly at various Remnant sites. Only five devices need to be destroyed to finish the task. Devices may respawn at already cleared or visited sites. The map shows six verified locations. There are probably more locations.

After locating the five devices the Task will be complete (+270 XP), but a new mission simply titled "Subjugation" will be added (under Heleus > Voeld). A navpoint will be added to the map pointing to a Remnant site underground where four more devices will need to be destroyed.

Enter The Remnant Facility Edit

Gravity well down.

Eliminate The Kett Edit

Kett are down here.

Investigate The Console Edit

SAM notes that the kett seem to have been feeding data into a nearby console. The data on the console indicates that the kett were attempting to weaponize the Remnant, though yet without success.

Destroy All Output Devices (0/4) Edit

Some more kett on the way.

When all devices are destroyed the mission completes.

In the innermost room is a container with a decryption puzzle (the two glyphs are on the walls). This puzzle is required for the Cryptographer Achievement.

In the same room, Ryder can scan for 100 Rd icon remnant orange, and pick up a Remnant Data Core for Task: Remnant Data Cores.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon
  • +2% Voeld viability

Bugs Edit

  • After several kett devices have been destroyed, SAM will report that his analysis is at 85% complete, but subtitles show it as him saying 84%.