Roekaar Manifestos

Learn more about the Roekaar by collecting and examining their maifestos on Havarl.

  • Find Roekaar manifestoes on Havarl


Pick up the first Manifesto


The manifestos are Datapads. Each Datapad houses 1 manifesto. There are a total of 6 Datapads that need to be found.

The first one can be found at the top of the stairs after you cross the bridge at the Chasm of Builders towards Old Pelaav on top of a grey container (titled Invasion).

The second and third can be found in Old Pelaav in the encampment in two different buildings.

One is in the southest building on the right side after you enter it (Hope), the other is in the the northest building. As you pass the door it is on the left, right next to the door (Fire). Don't forget to scan the object on the tower for research points while you are here.

During the mission 'A Dying Planet' on your way to meet Taavos, you will see a cave in the upper right corner of the chasm. Inside is a Angara body, research points to scan and a Datapad containing a manifesto (Conquerors).

When you are completing the Overgrown mission you will find one on an orange crate (Truth) in the middle of the upper Roekaar camp.

The final one can be found during or after visiting Thaldyr during the 'Friend or Foe?' mission when you unlock the building. It's on a table in her house (Legacy).

Rewards Edit

You will receive 270 XP upon completion.

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