Learn more about the Roekaar by collecting and examining their manifestos on Havarl.

Acquisition Edit

Pick up any of the manifesto datapads.

Walkthrough Edit

Find Roekaar Manifestos On Havarl Edit

There are a total of 6 datapads that need to be found. The locations of each manifesto is always the same. The order they are found in, is not chronological in the story they tell. The fifth manifesto's location was changed by a patch due to the nature of the mission Overgrown, which caused the manifesto to disappear, being lost forever, after completion of the mission.

Hope Edit


Hope's location on the ground.

Truth Location

Hope's location on the map.

The first manifesto datapad can be found in a cave in the upper right corner of the chasm, possibly guarded by a Galorn. Inside is an angaran body, research points to scan, a mineral cache, and the datapad containing a manifesto titled "Hope".

Translated from Shelesh:

Akksul comforted me in my pain and rage. He had been a slave of the kett, and barely escaped one of their camps. He understood the horrors our people had faced for decades under the enemy's occupation. He reminded me of who our people were before. How we had bent the stars to our wills. The kett had taken our greatest achievements, but they had never changed who were are. [sic] Akksul told me of his new movement. He called it the Roekaar, a name from the distant past. A group of great warriors who defended our civilization.

Akksul offered a chance to reclaim what the kett had taken from me. Not my loved ones, but the sense of control I'd lost with them. I would never need to feel powerless again. I listened to his voice, saw through his eyes, and believed in him.

Invasion Edit


Invasion's location on the ground.

Hope Location

Invasion's location on the map.

The second manifesto datapad, titled "Invasion", can be found at the top of the stairs after Ryder crosses the bridge at the Chasm of Builders towards Old Pelaav on top of a grey container.

Translated from Shelesh:

I followed Akksul across Voeld, and we found more like us. People who had lost everything to the kett. Survivors, lost and hopeless. He opened their eyes the way he had mine, and the Roekaar's ranks grew. We came to Havarl to build a place where we could plan in safety and hone the skills we would need to fulfill our mission of freeing our people from oppression. We didn't realize a new enemy had already invaded. Strange creatures from another galaxy hiding in a canyon. Akksul knew this was a sign. We were meant to find them.

We sent a group to confront this threat. The invaders shouted at us in a language we didn't understand, but we witnessed the truth of their intentions. We saw the weapons in their hands. We showed them we had weapons of our own, and they fled from our power. It was the first time I'd felt happy since the last morning I saw my family alive.

Conquerors Edit


Conquerors' location on the ground.

Invasion Location

Conquerors' location on the map.

The third manifesto datapad can be found in Old Pelaav, in the encampment. It is titled "Conquerors" and is in the southwest building on the right side after Ryder enters it.

Translated from Shelesh:

Akksul heard more of the new aliens had formed an alliance with our wayward deserters, and we went to see for ourselves. It was worse than we feared. There are multiple species of these new aliens. Even worse, the [sic] weren't just ruling our people--they were exalted like heroes. Everywhere I looked, cowards bowed and bargained with these disgusting things, blind to the reality that they had only traded one oppressor for another.

I'll never forget what Akksul told us that day. All aliens are the same in the end. They want to take what's ours and turn us into slaves. The Roekaar see with clear eyes, and our hearts are pure. We won't succumb to these new invaders. We are the true resistance army, and one day soon all angara of every world will know it.

Truth Edit


Truth's location on the ground.

Conquerors Location

Truth's location on the map.

The fourth manifesto datapad can also be found in Old Pelaav, in the encampment. It is titled "Truth" and is in the the northwest building. As Ryder passes the door it is on the left, right next to the door. Don't forget to scan the object on the tower for 100 Rd icon heleus orange while Ryder is here.

Translated from Shelesh:

How did our lives come to this? How could our ancestors let the kett conquer our worlds so easily, and why do our present leaders fail to protect us now? Disunity destroys us from within. Our people have repeatedly failed to join forces when we needed to most. We've blamed each other, bickered and betrayed, and given our conquerors easy prey. Now we see a new enemy invading our space, offering extinction disguised as hope. Lies meant to divide us.

It falls on those who can see past these deceptions to prevent our people from repeating the mistakes that doomed us in the past. All angara must become one to have any hope of defeating the evil forces surrounding us. This is the single belief of the Roekaar, and I feel it's truth in my blood. Our cause is just.

Legacy Edit


Legacy's location on the ground.

Legacy New Location

Legacy's location on the map.

The fifth manifesto datapad was moved in a recent patch. It is titled "Legacy" and is found during or after Overgrown. It is located in the northern most Roekaar camp in the northwest portion of the large clearing. It is located on a raised walkway in the center of the camp.

Translated from Shelesh:

These worlds have always belonged to us, from the moment our ancestors saw them through ancient telescopes. We claimed them when our first explorers reached the stars, and they remained our worlds even after the Scourge divided us in darkness. Outsiders have no right to these treasures, and true angara must stand ready to defend our birthright. This is not a matter for debate or diplomacy. The kett have already shown us that everything we love will be taken from us if we don't strike back. The governor of Aya is a weak coward, and the so-called leader of the Resistance has failed us by not exterminating the new aliens the moment they met them.

I have scattered these memories for whoever finds them. If you are angara, learn from my experiences and join the Roekaar. If you are not, know that we will destroy you.

Fire Edit


Fire's location on the ground.

Fire Location

Fire's location on the map.

The final datapad is titled "Fire" and can be found during or after visiting Thaldyr during the Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe? mission when Ryder unlocks the building. It's on a table in her house. Jaal's loyalty mission does not have to be completed to find this one, it just has to be progressed far enough to open the building.

Translated from Shelesh:

My family died screaming on Voeld. I left everyone at our camp that morning to find a passage through the crevassse. We were only a day's march to the safety of Techiix. I remember feeling hopeful that we might survive our ordeal, and then I smelled burning flesh. I ran toward the smoke knowing I was already too late. The kett left my family's charred remains in a jumbled heap, but I could still make out faces twisted in agony. My parents. My brothers and sisters. My husband and our children. All gone. I had never felt so powerless. I scattered their ashes as tears froze against my skin. Then I ran for Techiix, where I met Akksul.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP