You have reactivated a Research Center on Eos. Test its capabilities by gathering the resources to craft a weapon.


After activating the generators in Site 1: Promise and discovering the abandoned research station inside one of the buildings, you will be given this task automatically.


Collect area resources and craft a weapon Edit

There are many easy ways to complete this, and the earliest you can complete it is just after acquisition (from above). There are many resources spread around Site 1: Promise, which you can collect to be able to build the weapon.

When you have gathered enough resources, simply use the research center (small, north-eastern building beside the Nomad's crate), and craft almost any weapon in the "Development" menu.

Aftermath Edit

Ryder has discovered a working research center, like the center on board the Tempest, Ryder can craft various weapons and research upgrades if the right material is present.

  • Acquired weapon
    • Player Choice
  • Mission rewards
    • +270 XP

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