An asari journalist, Keri T'Vessa, wants to interview you for her documentary about current events.


Acquired by accessing and acknowledging the email message from Keri while on board the Tempest. This can be done any time after starting A Better Beginning.


Meet Keri Edit

If Ryder returns to the Nexus before establishing Prodromos, Keri will approach Ryder just after exiting the Tempest docking bay. Otherwise, she can be found outside Pathfinder HQ after completing A Better Beginning. Speak to her. Ryder has the option to begin romancing the journalist, but a relationship with her will not affect other relationships.

Tann has asked Keri to produce an uplifting documentary on the Initiative's progress, even if it means bending the truth. Keri, however, believes that people would benefit more from hearing the facts, no matter how daunting. Most choices will amount to either siding with, or against, the Nexus leadership. It is up to you to decide which version reaches the public.

Keri's first question pertains to the numerous problems the Initiative has encountered in its first fourteen months, which the Nexus leaders claim to have anticipated. Appeal to viewers to give them more time and understanding, or say that their past efforts have not been good enough. A positive answer here will please Director Tann who will make a donation which Ryder will receive the next time Keri interviews Ryder.

Speak with Keri about events on Eos Edit

If Ryder has already done one interview with Keri she can be found nearby Addison in Operations. She asks a few simple questions about what Ryder feels are the chances of Prodromos' viability and how they spend their time in between missions. You may also receive a small monetary gift if your answers to the previous interview were favorable for the Initiative (200Credits).

Speak with Keri about the angara Edit

Once A Trail of Hope has been completed, Ryder will receive an email from Keri asking for another interview. She is near Vetra on the Nexus, essentially right in front of you as you enter. She asks about the angara, but specifically wants to know about Aya and if the Initiative should be sending colonists there. You receive 50 xp.

Speak with Keri about Kadara Edit

When Ryder returns to the Tempest after visiting Kadara Port there is an e-mail from Keri titled Another interview?. Acknowledge it to get the next objective. Go to the navpoint for the interview. Keri asks about the exiles on Kadara; Ryder can either say that they're still dangerous, or say that they have as many problems as the Initiative. Keri has to cut the interview short, and the mission is put on hold.

Speak with Keri's producer Edit

After the completion of Hunting the Archon there is an email from Keri's producer Hakim Barakat titled "Keri's in Trouble" askin Ryder to come and talk with him on the Nexus. Acknowledge it to start this objective. He says Keri has been arrested for "conspiracy to incite unrest". He Hopes the Pathfinder will be able to help Keri. When the converation is over you receive 50 xp.

Find Keri in the militia cells Edit

She says there were other people in the cells too, rioters, and it because her truths scared them. When the conversation is over, you receive 100 xp.

Speak with Keri about the Remnant City Edit

You receive 50 xp.

Speak with Keri about Meridian Edit

After the events of Meridian, you can acknowledge an email from Keri, titled "You and Meridian". If you want to talk to her, head back on the Nexus, where you will find her by the railing outside the Nexus apartments. If you have romanticized her during the adventures of your game, she will be relieved to hear that you are alive and well, and your two dialogue options will hint at a hopeful future between the two of you.

You receive 50 xp and 29 AVP.

Meet with Keri at the Vortex (Optional romance) Edit

If you romance with Keri during the course of the game, then this will become an option for you at certain times, requiring you to have hit at least 3 of the romance dialogue prompts. It may be a while, however, as it seems that you do not get this additional step until you speak to her about Kadara. In any case, when this step appears, you can meet with her in the Vortex and talk with her a bit, and she will eventually invite you to her apartment. A short fade-in/fade-out cut will take you outside the Nexus apartments, and you will have completed this final step and the task will be completely over.


None except those acquired for the objectives.

Emails Edit

Email to Ryder titled "Interviews"

To: Ryder
From: Keri T'Vessa

Hello Pathfinder,

I'm a freelance vidmaker, and I could really use your help with my latest project. It's going to be historic, I hope just like your mission.

Can we meet on the Nexus for a chat? I can explain better in person.

Keri T'Vessa

Email to Ryder titled "Free for an interview?" (after Prodromos is established)

To: Ryder
From: Keri T'Vessa

Hello, Ryder,

Word is: you had a successful mission on Eos. Well done! Want to come talk about it on camera?


Email to Ryder titled "Can we talk? (on camera)" (after completing A Trail of Hope)

To: Ryder
From: Keri T'Vessa

Hello, Ryder,

The things I'm hearing: a garden world? A whole new species? If you can talk on the record, you know where to find me!


Email to Ryder titled "Another interview?" (after Kadara)

To: Ryder
From: Keri T'Vessa

Hello, Ryder,

They're saying you just got back from Kadara Port. There isn't much "official" word from there, or the exiles. Can you give me a few on-camera details?


Email to Ryder titled "Keri's In Trouble"

To: Ryder
From: Hakim Barakat

Ryder - I'm Keri's producer for the documentary. Something's happened. Come by when you're on the Nexus next. We should talk.


Email to Ryder titled "I'm free!" (after the Remnant City is discovered)

To: Ryder
From: Keri T'Vessa

Hello, Ryder,

I'm out! Your visit must have shaken things up, hmm? Come on by the Nexus and I'll tell you everything - if you tell me all about that Remnant city you found! It'll be nice to see you without bars between us.


Email to Ryder titled "You and Meridian" (after Meridian, with romancing Keri)

To: Ryder
From: Keri T'Vessa


Are you all right? The reports from Meridian are a little... no, they're terrifying.

Please, can you drop by the Nexus? I jsut want to see you're okay.

Love, Keri

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