You need to craft one of the outlaw weapons, either a Sandstorm, Sidewinder, or Vanquisher.

Acquisition Edit

After interrogating Vehn Terev in Hunting the Archon, head to the Kadara Slums. On the upper floors, next to the second-story entrance to Tartarus, there will be a Disillusioned Outlaw who calls Pathfinder Ryder over (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon).

Walkthrough Edit

Craft The Weapon At A Research Station Edit

Use any Research Center, on the docks at Kadara Port or on the Tempest, to craft one of three Outlaw weapons, the Sandstorm (assault rifle), Sidewinder (pistol), or Vanquisher (sniper rifle). First research the weapon, then use the development menu to create it.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP

Bugs Edit

The task auto-completes when the conversation is over. You receive no XP reward, and task is listed among Completed Missions. Verified after the release of Update 1.10.