You need to craft the Improved Shield Regenerator for the Nomad.

Note: This task has known bug issues that have been fixed in patches so that the task completes.

Acquisition Edit

After landing on Voeld, (likely as part of A Trail of Hope), in the Angaran Resistance Base, look for the Angaran Mechanic in the hangar when entering from the west, standing next to a large vehicle.

Talk to the Mechanic, where he expresses his admiration for the Nomad's capabilities and offers to share blueprints with Gil Brodie to upgrade its shields.

Walkthrough Edit

Craft The Shield Regenerator At A Research Station Edit

Use any available Research Center, on Voeld or the Tempest, to develop the Improved Shield Regeneration blueprint in the "Nomad" category.

Name Iron icon Iron Nickel icon Nickel Platinium icon Platinum
Improved Shield Regeneration 120 40 30

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP

Bugs Edit

  • Possible Bug: If Ryder manages to buy that Shield Upgrade on another planet, the mission won't finish. Ryder is unable to craft the necessary upgrade. Fixed in Patch 1.06.
  • Another bug: After this mission acquisition, the blueprint is added automatically to Ryder's Inventory and this mission finishes upon acquisition. Proved on Update 1.10.
  • If Ryder purchased the upgrade, e.g. from the Nexus Vehicle merchant, Ryder receives the blueprint and the task auto-completes when the conversation is over. Ryder receives no XP reward and task is listed among Completed Missions. Verified after the release of Update 1.10.