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Missing scientists
Dr. Aridana sent a team out to study the Scourge; they haven't reported in. She fears the worst and asked you to find out what happened to them.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Dr. Aridana after speaking with Professor Herik in Task: Getting to Know the Nexus, use either dialogue option to accept the mission.

Walkthrough Edit

This can only be completed once the Tempest has left the Nexus. Using the galaxy map, navigate to the Eriksson system and activate the scanner. An anomaly will alert Ryder to a destroyed shuttle located in a Scourge cloud. All seven of Dr. Aridana's crew that were aboard were killed instantly when a Scourge flare wiped out all internal systems. Scan the wreckage to receive 50 Remnant RD. The mission is completed automatically after scanning.

Aftermath Edit

Ryder found the missing scientist's vessels, unfortunately that which was feared had come to pass.  While investigating the Scourge, the shuttle the scientists were traveling in was severely damaged by an electrical surge caused by the energy cloud.  All aboard were killed instantly.

  • Mission rewards:
    • 530 XP
Received email sometime after completing this task:

Heartfelt Thanks
To: Ryder
From: Dr. Aridana

The families of my lost expedition asked me to convey their appreciation to you for finding their loved ones. It's always difficult when we lose people. But knowing what happened will help them begin the mourning process.

I hope your next excursion has a happier ending.


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