Nigel McCoy's brother Dash died on Eos. To honor Dash, Nigel has asked you to place a family pendant at a spot on the planet where his brother went to think.


Prerequisite: Planetside

Speak to Nigel McCoy in the cryo bay aboard the Hyperion.


Place pendant at the location on Eos Edit

From Site 1: Promise, follow the tire tracks leading west, and drive uphill, then turn right and follow the edge of the cliff until you reach the map marker. Interact with the location of the map marker to place the pendant.

Note: In the early versions of the game it was necessary to pass through a Hazard Level 3 zone to reach the target location.


  • 270 XP

Aftermath Edit

Ryder receives an email after completing this mission (the missing colon after "From" is a correct transcription).

The brothers McCoy
From Nigel McCoy

Dear Pathfinder Ryder,

My brother Dash was my best friend. It still pains me that he's gone, that we won't build the future here on Andromeda together. But knowing that our family pendants are united does my heart good.

When my wife and I settle here and start a family, our firstborn will carry my brother's name. And hopefully he or she will become my new best friend.

My sincerest hopes accompany you and your team.


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