Lexi T'Perro thinks the food on Aya may be safe for Milk Way species to eat. Collect food samples in the city and send them to Lexi.

Acquisition Edit

On Aya, scan one of the fruit-bearing plants in the Memorial Garden. SAM notes that it could be edible, and sends data back to Lexi.

Walkthrough Edit

Scan fruit plant varieties on Aya Edit

There are three fruits to find.

  • Paripo fruit: yellow fruit hanging from a tree with broad bluish-purple leaves. Easily found in the Memorial Garden.
  • Quilloa fruit: yellow fruit growing out of blue flowers. Most easily found around the Marketplace.
  • Elmohk fruit: yellow fruit growing out of red trumpet flowers. The fruit themselves are hard to see, so just look for the big trumpet flowers outside the Resistance HQ.

Once you scan the third plant, Lexi contacts you, saying that the fruits scanned are edible; even better news, potentially, most of the food grown on Aya could be edible for Milky Way species. However, she needs a sample to be sure.

Retrieve a fruit sample from the market Edit

Talk to Felaan at the Marketplace. She explains that whole fruit are a luxury for angara, as while one fruit could feed one person, turning it into nutrient paste could feed 20. She'll send you to talk to Roaan at the Tavetaan about nutrient paste, as well as giving you a few as gifts.

Investigate nutrient paste in the tavetaan Edit

Roaan will explain the nutrient paste system the angara have, and will happily send samples of it to the Tempest.

Allow time for Lexi to analyze food samples Edit

It doesn't take much time at all for Lexi to get back to you. She says that the samples have all proved edible, and that the Nexus now has a source of food. The mission is then complete.

Rewards Edit

  • 270 XP

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