You've discovered a datapad that recounted a scavenger's run-in with a gang run by "Little Mouse". Find more datapads to learn more about this gang and its activities.

Acquisition Edit

Little mouse

Little Mouse datapad.

Ryder receives this task after stumbling upon a datapad in a scavenger camp on Elaaden that details a gang leader named "Little Mouse".

Walkthrough Edit

Locate More Datapads Edit

Ryder has to find five more datapads. The datapads are spread randomly among the camps and crashed shuttles. If a camp doesn't have a datapad, it might have one the next time Ryder visits.

Track Down The Stash Edit

At the navpoint, Ryder finds the corpse of the scavanger who wrote the datapads, and a container with the stash.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon
  • +2% Elaaden viability