An angaran arbiter in Aya's marketplace advises you to learn the laws and customs of her people. She has directed you to visit two other arbiters in the city for more information.


Speak with Arbiter Renaav at the marketplace in Aya.


Speak to Arbiter OhmdaalEdit

He requires you to pick up the law texts from his datapad.

Charter Governing Citizens of Aya, Revised
Translated from Shelesh:

"As defined by the first founders of Aya, this world and all who live on it agree to abide by the laws, customs, and regulations of a civilized society that has existed for centuries on other worlds. These rules of conduct ensure a voice for each family within our society and gives them certain inviolable rights..."

Page 1 of 5,983

Thankfully, you don't have to actually read all 5983 pages.

Speak to Arbiter VraagenEdit

He gives you a datapad containing the laws regarding war - only 241 pages.

On the Proper Conduct of War Against the Kett
Translated from Shelesh:

"Though we face an enemy that will not stop until our entire civilization ceases to exist, it's important we not abandon the principles of basic morality. The kett must be defeated, but not at any cost. It won't matter if our future generations can live without fear of death or enslavement, if that freedom was achieved through genocide or other barbaric crimes..."

Page 1 of 241


270 XP.

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