Supplies are being stolen for delivery to the exiles. The Nexus dock manager has asked you to look out for hidden caches around Nexus and Hyperion.


Talk with the Dock Manager on Nexus after Ryder has visited Kadara Port.


Search the following three areas in any order:

  • Commons area (50 xp).
  • Hyperion cryo bay (50 xp).
  • Hyperion habitation deck (50 xp, 29 AVP).

At each location Ryder finds a container with stolen supplies. Scan it to complete the objective. SAM informs the Dock Manager.

When the last one is checked the task completes.


Ryder receives an e-mail titled Stolen Nexus Goods from the one who stole the supplies.

Stolen Nexus Goods
To: Ryder
From: Anonymous

Pathfinder Ryder. I'm the one who was storing supplies around the Nexus for delivery to Kadara. They were intended for hard-working and downtrodden exiles just trying to survive. The Initiative cast them out with almost no regard for their future. Whole families, many of whom were only barely implicated in the revolts, or left because they couldn't bear to separate from loved ones.

I was able to make several deliveries before you took it upon yourself to shut down the pipeline--enough to buy them some time and hopefully get them back on their feet. I've left my post on Nexus and joined these disenfranchised people. I wanted you to know that this was done out of concern and caring, not avarice or greed. Please don't take it out on the people of Kadara.

Good luck to you.

After some time Ryder receives an email titled "Stolen Nexus Goods" from the one who stole the supplies giving the reason for the stealing.

After acknowledging the e-mail, nothing further happens.


Total collected: 150 xp, 29 AVP.

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