Use your scanner on uncharted worlds to test out Chief Lucan's new geophysics survey VI.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Chief Lucan after speaking to Professor Herik in Task: Getting to Know the Nexus, accept his request for help hitting rocks for science.

Walkthrough Edit

Access The Terminal Edit

After agreeing to help Chief Lucan, access the nearby terminal to review the patch notes on the Geophysics VI that he's been building.

Scan Minerals Edit

All 14 locations are marked on the maps of the five primary worlds, and 2 on the one broken world. Upon nearing a mineral, SAM will prompt Ryder to scan the surroundings. Many are located in regions of extreme conditions that are difficult or impossible to access before the planet's Remnant vault has been activated.

Return To Chief Lucan Edit

Return to Chief Lucan on the Nexus to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

+1330 XP
+200 Credits

Terminal Edit

Geophsyics VI: Beta Build

Patch Notes (Chief R. Lucan)

-GSV 2031: Streamlined interface with omi-tool (minimal lag)
-GSV 2093: Tuned voice recognition to recognize both "aluminum" and "aluminium"
-GSV 2105: Haptic interface no longer defaults to transparent
-Also resolves GSV 2027: Haptic interface not found
-GSV 2135: Customized SAM handshake protocols