Angaran Special Forces have issued a series of challenges. Time to impress.


The task is given by an angara on the lower section of the Cultural Exchange on the Nexus, after you complete the A Trail of Hope priority mission and saved Moshae Sjefa and received information on establishing an embassy on the Nexus.

Andraknor is a member of the Heskaarl, the Angaran Special Forces. He asks Ryder about the N7, as they are a similar group, and challenges Ryder to try out Heskaarl training.


The task requires you to do three assignments on Voeld.

Retrieve sensitive dataEdit

The location is in the southeast area of the map. Start the challenge by activating the beacon. Get into the kett base and get a full copy of its files to Andraknor.

Three file location are marked on the map. When Ryder starts the download, waves of kett reinforcements arrive. Defend the position until the download is completed.

In the site are four big orange cages that can be opened to get access to loot containers.

Battle the RemnantEdit

Activate the beacon.

You'll have to defeat 15 Remnant enemies coming in waves. One of them is a Destroyer. As an optional objective, Andraknor challenges you to beat his record, and a countdown timer shows this.

Battle ancient ferocious creaturesEdit

After activating the beacon, three fiends attack. A fourth roaming nearby might get involved in the fight as well. Eliminate them.

Return to Andraknor on the NexusEdit

When the three challenges have been completed, speak with Andraknor. He is impressed: "I can see clearly why your N7 would be the best of the best." He says if Ryder ever tires of being Pathfinder, he'd be honored to call them a Heskaarl.


2948 xp distributed as follows:

  • Retrieve sensitive data: 440 XP.
  • Battle the Remnant: 730 XP (when all the Remnants were destroyed in a shorter time than the record, 730 xp was awarded, but it's unclear if that includes XP for breaking the record).
  • Battle ancient ferocious creatures: 448 XP.
  • Return to Andraknor on the Nexus: 1330 XP.


With patch 1.08 this task is fixed and now can be completed by female Ryder. Also, in the early versions of the game many players reported issues with this mission making it impossible to complete regardless of Ryder's gender. The mission has been played after patch 1.10 without encountering any such problems.

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