Place beacons to mark any malfunctioned drones you find.

Aquisition Edit

Interact with the outdoor terminal in Prodromos. It is marked with a ! when the task is available.

Lost Drones

We launched a bunch of early drones for recon and specimen recovery. Eos' hostile environment caused a lot of them to malfunction. My hands are full with fixing doors around the settlement. Can someone please search for them? Nav coordinates of launch locations are included. Mark them with a beacon and our team will recover them! - Technician Fessenden

Walkthrough Edit

Find all the drones (0/6)Edit

The locations of the drones are marked on the map. When Ryder finds a drone, scan it and then interact with it to mark the location with a beacon. Some of the scans are rewarded with Heleus research points.

When the last beacon has been placed, the task will auto-complete.


  • 530 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • 2% Eos viability

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