The kett have been keeping Remnant data cores for testing in their camps. SAM suggests they may be extracting important information from the cores.


  • Discover and scan the Remnant data core


  • Note: This task cannot be done until completion of Priority Op A Trail of Hope, as the majority of Eos, and kett camps, is blocked off by Level 3 environmental hazards until then.

This task primarily involves searching for the Remnant data cores in kett campsites, which are easily located within the camp by looking for the symbol marking their location. SAM will also clarify if a camp has spawned a data core upon arrival. Because the cores spawn randomly per camp, to maximize potential core spawning, avoid using forward stations to fast-travel between them, as the camps respawn for every use.

Once the Pathfinder has collected a maximum of three data cores, SAM will mark the navpoint of a Remnant vault in the Blackrock Tande region. Within, the Pathfinder team must locate the source of the data cores while fighting off kett forces that have infiltrated the vault. Reach the final room of the vault and acquire the data, then high-tail it back to Prodromos, to the building closest to the Tempest. Access the terminal and confirm "Request: Information on Eos" to receive a hefty sum of XP.

  • IMPORTANT: While in the vault, look for four glyphs to unlock the container in the Gravity Well chamber, as it is missable and will lock the Cryptographer achievement if forgotten.
    • The Interval Glyph is found right behind the container in the Gravity Well chamber
    • The Thermodynamic Glyph is on the other side of the pillar opposite the Gravity Well
    • The Semiosis Glyph is in the next chamber, on the pillar standing in the first pit, facing away from the entrance
    • The Kinetic Glyph is located on the wall left of the exit from the final chamber with the Remnant console


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