Dr Camden - Nexus Hydroponics
Nexus Hydroponics requires specimens of Andromeda plant life. Search for appropriate speciments to harvest.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Doctor Camden at Nexus hydroponics just outside the Vortex (you'll need to choose the "That's not very polite" dialogue option). As head of Hydroponics Sciences, he's responsible for the Nexus' primary source of air, food and water. In order to help the Initiative's own specimens acclimatize, he tasks Pathfinder Ryder with bringing him samples of Heleus flora.

Note: He is not there until Sleeping Dragons is completed.

Walkthrough Edit

Find the following ten plant samples near their map navpoints:

  • Elaaden
    • Amanita Jatanum – in a cave with a Memory Trigger
    • Lagenaria – in the shade near an outpost building
  • Eos
    • Neolecta Riftia – near some rocks
  • Havarl
    • Lactarius Assefa – mushroom near a tree
    • Sargania Fructanis – on a hill near the outer walls
  • Kadara
    • Diplazium Dizone – near a rock in Draullir
    • Nereocystis Harmonia – by an acid pool near the outpost location
    • Rhaum Taelkarum – on an island in the pools just outside the warden's office
    • Ruberia Majora – in a shallow acid pool
  • Voeld
    • Cardacha Cthonis – in Techiix's vegetation cave

Once the samples have been collected, return to Dr. Camden in Hydroponics to complete the task (the navpoint might be missing).

Rewards Edit

  • 530 XP

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