You've discovered a kett shuttle control center on Voeld. Hacking its message terminals will help SAM assemble its entry code.


When in a kett camp, SAM will alert Ryder that there is a message console that is hackable. After hacking the console, the task starts.

Voeld clearing

Consoles to hack.


The terminals can be found in kett camps and sites where kett scavenge.

Hack the kett terminalsEdit

Three terminals have to be hacked to give SAM enough data.

The map shows four verified locations. There are probably more of them.

Voeld clearing map
  1. Up on the platform.
  2. A kett camp with two vehicles.
  3. A kett drilling station.
  4. Burning debris among ice formations.

Note: It's possible to force a spawn of a terminal. Get out of the Nomad (or risk a corrupt save), make a manual save, and patiently continue to load that save until there is a terminal.

After the third console is hacked, SAM is able to crack the passcode and calculate a navpoint.

Approach the control centerEdit

Go to the navpoint, a kett base in the north.

Use the passcode on the doorEdit

You were expected. Defeat the kett ambushers.

Unlock the doorEdit

Use the door console again.

Shut down the control consoleEdit

Several kett airships are grounded, and the Resistance has less kett forces in the air to deal with (says SAM). However, there is no noticeable difference in the frequency of kett air drops.


  • 530 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • +2% Voeld viability

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