The kett outfitted angaran slaves with tracking chips; each chip points to a central source. SAM may be able to track the source's location.


Voeld 3

Angaran body with tracking chip.

On Voeld you have found a dead angara in one of the kett camps or locations where kett scavenge. Scanning the body starts the task. SAM needs data from more bodies to pinpoint where the tracking chip sends its signal.


Scan angaran bodiesEdit

Scan the angaran bodies. They are randomly spawned, but can usually be found near crash sites, Remnant, and kett sites. The map shows six verified locations for the bodies. There are likely other locations too. Voeld map catch]]

1. A kett drilling site.

2. Burning debris on the frozen lake. Note: This location may randomly spawn a terminal instead of an angaran body.

3. A kett camp with two vehicles. The body is at the camp's centre, near some crates. Note: This location may also randomly spawn a terminal or angaran bug instead of a body.

4. A kett camp with a tower structure. The angaran body is up on the platform.

5. A kett drilling site.

6. Some burning debris in tall ice formations ahead. Note: This location may randomly spawn a container or terminal instead of an angaran body.

7. A kett on the ice outside the cave where one of the objectives of The Lost Song takes you.

8. A shuttle wreckage.

Some locations will choose between a container, terminal, an angaran bug, or an angaran body at random. Scanning or interacting with the object, fast traveling to the nearest Forward Station, then traveling back to the location will cause the object to despawn and be replaced with another or nothing at all.

When Ryder has scanned three bodies, SAM calculates a navpoint for the origin of those angara.

Enter the tracking signal's locationEdit

Follow the navpoint to a cave southeast of Techiix.

Eliminate the kettEdit

Defeat the kett defenders and the reinforcements that arrive via airship. In a cage is an angaran prisoner named Maaravet who is still alive.

Cut power to the cageEdit

Interact with the console.

Talk to MaaravetEdit

He is grateful for the rescue, and says that he is going to Havarl to get the chip removed.


530 XP.

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