Scan the Angaran bodies, they are randomly spawned, but can usually be found near crash sites, Remnant, and Kett sites. Below is a list of possible locations for Angaran bodies. Some locations will choose between a container, terminal, an Angaran bug, or an Angaran body at random. Scanning or interacting with the object, fast traveling to nearest Forward Station, then traveling back to the location will cause the object to despawn and be replaced with another or nothing at all.

  • Head to the northern Forward Station just outside a valley, there will be a Kett drilling site to the southeast with an Angaran body.
  • Travel to the northeast Forward Station and travel directly east past a Remnant ruin and Kett vehicle. The body will be besides a burning ship that crashed on a frozen lake. Note: This location may randomly spawn a terminal instead of an Angaran body.
  • Head directly south of the above location to a Kett camp with two vehicles. The body is at the camp's centre, near some crates. Note: This location may also randomly spawn a terminal or Angaran bug instead of a body.
  • Halfway between the Kett camp and the Kett excavation site will be a small Kett building. An Angaran body can be found on the roof.
  • From there, travel  to a Forward Station in the south alongside a road. Follow the road north and a Kett drilling site can found on the right. The Angaran body is besides the drill, between crates.
  • From the third body, travel north along the road till you see tall ice formations ahead. The body can be found next to some burning rubble. Note: This location may randomly spawn a container or terminal instead of an Angaran body.

Follow the navpoint  to a cave east of Techiix. Defeat the kett troops there, then cut power to the cage.

Talk to the freed Angara Maarevet.

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