The kett outfitted angaran slaves with tracking chips; each chip points to a central source. SAM may be able to track the source's location.

Acquisition Edit

Voeld 3
On Voeld Pathfinder Ryder can find a dead angara in one of the kett camps or locations where kett scavenge. Scanning the body starts the task. SAM needs data from more bodies to pinpoint where the tracking chip sends its signal.

Walkthrough Edit

Scan Angaran Bodies Edit

Finding and scanning additional bodies will make it possible for SAM to get a navpoint.

Ryder has to find two additional bodies and scan them. The bodies are spread randomly among the crash sites, Remnant sites, and kett sites. Each body will be marked with MEA Investigate Map Icon. If a location doesn't have a body, the location might have one the next time Ryder visits. If a location has a body, SAM (or a squadmate) will comment on the presence of the canister.

When Ryder has scanned three bodies, SAM calculates a navpoint for the origin of those angara.

Enter The Tracking Signal's Location Edit

Follow the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconto a cave southeast of Techiix.

Eliminate The Kett Edit

Defeat the kett defenders and the reinforcements that arrive via airship. In a cage, is an angaran prisoner named Maaravet who is still alive.

Cut Power To The Cage Edit

Interact with the console.

Talk To Maaravet Edit

Maaravet is grateful for the rescue, and says that he is going to Havarl to get the chip removed.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP