You've discovered a Remnant data cache the scavengers have tampered with. SAM can piece together its data if you locate additional caches.




  • Locate data caches (and scan them)

NOTE: The locations may be randomised, they all seem to be remnant ruins with scourge damage.

    • Paradise Sands - South-west corner of the map, south-west of the giant sink hole there is a small remnant ruin with scourge.
    • Sea of Ataraxia - Head south of the westernmost forward station, large remnant ruins with scourge, south of tall rock formation.
    • Languish - North-east of the central giant rock formation.
    • Gehenna Valley - half way between the initial landing site (The Paradise) and the central giant rock.
    •  ?
  • Enter the Remnant facility

SAM has extracted an entrance code for an intriguing Remnant location. There may be something of value inside.

The facility is located near the north-east boundary of the map.

  • Acquire the Remnant data

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