You've discovered a Remnant data cache the scavengers have tampered with. SAM can piece together its data if you locate additional caches.


Remnant data cache

Remnant data cache

Starts when you find and scan your first Remnant data cache at a Remnant site on Elaaden.


Locate data cachesEdit

Find and scan three more useful data caches. Some of them are so degraded they are not useful.

The locations are randomised. If a site doesn't have a data cache, it might have one the next time you visit.

Verified sites:

  • Paradise Sands - South-west corner of the map, south-west of the giant sink hole there is a small remnant ruin with scourge.
  • Sea of Ataraxia - Head south of the westernmost forward station, large remnant ruins with scourge, south of tall rock formation.
  • Languish - North-east of the central giant rock formation.
  • Gehenna Valley - half way between the initial landing site (The Paradise) and the central giant rock.
  • A small site with a tree stub a little NW from Paradise Sands a bit SW of where three paths meet.
  • A Remnant site a little south of the northeastern monolith.
  • The large Remnant site SW of the western monolith.
  • The large Remnant site close to the mining zone north of the westernmost Forward Station.

Enter the Remnant facilityEdit

SAM has extracted an entrance code for an intriguing Remnant location. There may be something of value inside. The facility is located near the north-east boundary of the map.

Note: : You are advised to make a save before entering, because inside the facility you may experience some bugs. Retrying from this save usually solve the problem.

Acquire the Remnant dataEdit

Defeat the raiders in the Gravity Well room.

Proceed along the corridor. There is a puzzle-locked container. Solving the puzzle counts towards the Cryptographer achievement.

  • Bug: Sometimes the puzzle is missing. If you need this achievement, reload the latest save and try again.
  • Bug: Sometimes it's notpossible to interact with the container after the puzzlwe has been solved. If you need this achievement, reload the latest save and try again.

The big door shall open automatically when you approach.

  • Bug: if it doesn't, load the latest save any try again.

In the next room there is a Remnant destroyer in combat with raiders and their Hydra.

In the innermost room are two objects you have to scan for a total of 200 Remnant research data, and then the mission completes.


270 xp, 29 AVP, +2% Elaaden viability.

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