The Nexus is experiencing strange power failures. A technician needs help discovering the reason.


Speak to Shapiro in the Hydroponics section of the Common Area on the Nexus. This task unlocks after completing A Better Beginning.


Shapiro needs your help identifying the source of the power problems throughout the Nexus. These can be identified by listening for electrical zapping sounds nearby pieces of equipment and using your scanner to pass the information to SAM. You will need to scan a point of failure in the following places:

Sparking console

Investigate the Commons Area Edit

  • Tech Lab- In the upper floor of the Docking Bay, enter the Tech Lab and scan the incubator on the wall as you enter the room with Dr. Aridana.
  • Cultural Center- Again in the upper floor of the Docking Bay, scan the short-circuited computer terminal behind the main desk in the top left corner of the room.

Investigate Operations Edit

  • Operations- In the Operations area, go to the rear of the hall. Scan the short circuit in a console near where scientists were standing in Task: Getting to Know the Nexus.
  • Kesh's Office- The final point of interest is a giant bug found behind some boxes on the wall opposite of the door. Scan the Creature.

The last part of the mission is to decide to kill or capture the Miniature Pallad, however your decision has no impact either way.

Mission Rewards Edit

  • 530 XP

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