Anan T'Mari asked you to find ingredients for new drinks to give to Dutch, the Vortex bartender.


Speak to Anan T'Mari, the asari bartender at the Vortex bar in the Nexus Docking Bay. The task is available once Vortex is opened following A Better Beginning.


Search for supplies in the Hyperion Atrium Edit

You will able to find the first ingredient on the Hyperion Habitation Deck. Use the mission objective maker and scanner to guide you to a small box of Hops among larger containers and first aid boxes located in a small control room between the tram entry stairs and the stairs leading to the atrium.

Take the hops back to the Vortex Edit

Head back to the lounge and drop off the package with Anan, she will be pleased with the find (+50XP). Talk to her again after discovering the planet Havarl or Kadara.

  • Havarl - The package is about 3/4 the way down the first major bump-out going south. It is also directly south and slightly left of the forward station in the map's center. The package is in the tunnel that leads to the monolith where the angara are found in stasis.
  • Kadara Badlands - In the Sulfur Springs area to the lower west, not far from a forward station. The package will be in a raider camp.

Simply return the packages to Anan to complete this quest.

Bugs Edit

  • After providing the package of hops to Anan the +50XP indication does not fade away. The game must be saved and reloaded to eliminate the notification on the screen.
  • The mission remains in the player's log after turning in the hops but before discovering the other planets. There is no indication that there are other objectives but the mission remains uncompleted leading many to believe it will never be marked as complete.

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