Kesh's assistant, Wilma, wants to surprise Kesh with some bootlegged swill from Kadara. She asked you to secure some.
  • Get beer from bootleggers at Kadara Port
  • Find the bootleggers' operation on Kadara

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Kesh's assistant, Wilma, outside Kesh's office after visiting Kadara during "Hunting the Archon".

Walkthrough Edit

On Kadara, in the acid ponds, not far from the outpost site in the central western area of the map, is a parked shuttle. If you get close enough, SAM will remind you that Kesh's assistant asked you to acquire beer. Simply speak to the merchant and the quest completes.

Alternatively, you can find a datapad in Kadara Port titled "The Best Booze in the Universe Has Moved", leading you to the new site down by the acid ponds.

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