Location: Milky WayHawking EtaCentury System First planet

Description Edit

Tamahera has a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and xenon. The surface is icy, and composed of sodium oxide with deposits of calcium. It contains a few unremarkable metals, but mainly consists of rock. The presence of canyons and flood plains indicates that liquid water once existed, suggesting Tamahera had a thicker insulating atmosphere in the past.

Mineral Deposits Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium High 14,000
Platinum High 14,100
Iridium Medium 7,000
Element Zero None 0

Properties Edit

Assuming no greenhouse the albedo comes out to −0.96. The atmosphere must be slanted heavily toward CO2 and there must be a darkening agent on the surface.

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