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Vorcha Concept ArtEdit

[1] : They sure look intimidating. Also, it seems they wear scavenged clothes and weapons. --TheWilsonator 15:26, October 25, 2009 (UTC)

Status as a citadel or non-citadelEdit

Don't you think it's about time they were moved into the non-citadel section? I think it's a pretty safe bet due to all the information that is known about them.--Matt 2108 20:44, December 17, 2009 (UTC)

I believe that would be safe myself, but the drell are still unknown and I think instead of leaving them there by their self we should leave the vorcha in order to help justify the unknown section with another race until ME2 is released.--Xaero Dumort 20:48, December 17, 2009 (UTC)
I think the drell are non-Citadel too. I recall reading somewhere that they were a secretive race that seldom appeared in Citadel space, and were known mainly by their reputation as efficient assassins. Anyway, we don't need two things to justify a separate section for unidentified races, if the drell cannot be classified yet, then they alone are still sufficient to justify the section. -- Commdor (Talk) 20:53, December 17, 2009 (UTC)
Ok, I'll cut right to the chase: Show me the source that states definitively whether the vorcha are or are not a Citadel race. Not implies, or suggests, but states. A codex entry would be great, but I'll take any reliable, verifiable source. Same thing for the drell. Once I see the source, I will happily make the changes myself. Do I think that the vorcha are a non-Citadel race? Yes. Can't say the same for the drell, as there really isn't any info on them that would allow me to make that call, but I definitely think the vorcha are a non-Citadel race. Does my thinking so constitute justification to alter the article accordingly? No. So, until there is a definitive source, the vorcha and drell stay as races with unknown Citadel status. SpartHawg948 21:45, December 17, 2009 (UTC)
I dont know if this will help, but i think they count as a terminus species, thats just my opinion. but isnt the terminus systems basically opposite of the citadel, its known that at least two species call the terminus systems home. All i am saying is that Mass effect 2 will likely bring about hte exsistence of a terminus species section on the races page, and i am pretty sure the vorcha will be there. ralok 03:32, December 28, 2009 (UTC)
As it's your opinion and this conversation was about whether the facts support changing their status, no, it doesn't help. Sorry. SpartHawg948 03:39, December 28, 2009 (UTC)
Given that it's now known that the drell now live primarily as guests on the homeworld of a Council race (ie the hanar, on kahje), I really see no reason to move them. Well, it's only a week now till ME2, so we'll see then, I guess. SpartHawg948 21:08, January 19, 2010 (UTC)
But (just to be pointy), doesn't the site entry specifically say the drell have been a part of galactic civilization for 200 years? And isn't the Citadel Council the only galactic civilization to be a part of? I can wait for the game to confirm, though, not long before we finally get the lay of the land. -- Commdor (Talk) 21:50, January 19, 2010 (UTC)
How is that being "pointy"? If anything, what you are saying supports my position, that the drell likely are a Citadel race, and contradicts your earlier position "I think the drell are non-Citadel too". SpartHawg948 21:53, January 19, 2010 (UTC)
Oh, I thought you were saying you didn't want to move the drell out of the unspecified status section yet. Apologies. And yes, I am contradicting my earlier position, but what else is there to do when new evidence proves one to be wrong? Adaptability is a virtue. -- Commdor (Talk) 21:57, January 19, 2010 (UTC)
Indeed it is a virtue, and one to be greatly admired! :) SpartHawg948 22:53, January 19, 2010 (UTC)

Just heard vorcha talking the first time, and as I guessed, they sound like Gollum.

Notable vorcha Edit

Are there any notable vorcha in the game? Like the one that you talk to on Omega next to the quarians shop?? Is he worth even mentioning??? Am I asking to many questions???? --Joshtopher27 10:47, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

As far as I know, only one vorcha is even named, and he serves no purpose at all other then a bit of atmosphere for bottom-rung Omega. After that, the vorcha are basically pointless; you only see them with Blood Pack mercs on various worlds. Nothing noteworthy. Ech0six 19:34, February 13, 2010 (UTC)

Alliance contact Edit

Has anyone noticed that in the assignnment N7: MSV Estevanico, it is said the ships crew disappeared after being the first Alliance members to see vorcha. This a happened a year before ME2, while Shepard was dead, yet Shepard doesn't seem surprised when he/she sees vorcha and addresses them by name. Sure the Commander may have heard of vorcha, since it only says it was the first Alliance contact not human contact, but i would still be surprised to see something that ugly for the first time and not flinch. Ironreaper 13:44, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

Well don't forget that Alliance and human seems to be switched out more than a few times I personally think this was supposed to say human. However Shepard has had time to catch up, on the shuttle rides and aboard the Normandy. So Shepard probably knew about them while catching up on the two years that was missed. Lancer1289 16:29, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

I think that after some of the things Shepard has seen, he could manage to see a vorcha and not finch the first time. And just because it was the first time humans (or Alliance) had seen vorcha doesn't mean that they weren't aware of them for quite some time before that. SpartHawg948 16:43, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

The problem is that the email in question does NOT say Estevanico crew were the first human contact, so the articles declaration (in "Trivia") that first contact with Vorcha happened in 2184 isn't necessarily correct. The email actually says "According to the dated records, this [MS Estevanico crew] was the first Alliance crew to encounter the vorcha." That language doesn't confirm the MS Estevanico crew were the first humans to meet the Vorcha, merely that this was the first 'crew'. SDoradus (talk) 06:05, December 4, 2014 (UTC)

Homeworld? Edit

Where are the vorcha from? The article speaks of their homeworld, but this is not specified. In fact, until I read the trivia about Hudson's cutting of some of their history from the game, I was led to suppose from the facts that ME2 was so vague/incomplete on the vorcha's background, combined with their suspect dealings with Blood Pack and Collectors, and some other facts, that the vorcha would turn out to be used by the reapers in ME 3 (or something of the sort). However that may be, what's the name of their homeworld? If unknown, is it worth mentioning that this fact is unknown? (Also, where does all the information come from in this article?) Thanks. AnotherRho 19:47, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

Well we didn't know the name of the salarian homeworld until a few weeks ago, so it isn't surprising that we don't know the vorcha's, so no it isn't worth mentioning. Also what information are you refering to. Lancer1289 19:50, August 16, 2010 (UTC)
Yeah, no name for the homeworld has been given. The only description of it is what is in the article- small, hostile, etc. As for information, any info not taken from the game itself was taken from the official website, and can be found here. SpartHawg948 20:15, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

Star Trek Reference? Edit

I know for a fact there's a class of klingon warships called "Vor'cha[2]". Given the other more vague and speculative star trek reference in the trivia section, why isn't this mentioned too? 08:43, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

What is there other than a similar name to link the two? Per site policy, simply having a similar name doesn't qualify as trivia. And, as it just so happens, that bit of info actually used to be in the article before it was removed as irrelevant. Way back when we first learned about the vorcha, back before ME2 released, there wasn't much info in the article, so even though I figured there was nothing to suggest a reference to it, I added a trivia bit about the Vor'cha class. Later, once the article filled out, I went back and removed it, as per site policy it isn't trivia. There have been one or two attempts to re-add it, but these have failed due to the fact that no substantiation (as is required per site policy) has been provided, and as such, no reference can really be alleged to exist. SpartHawg948 08:48, September 22, 2010 (UTC)
then why is the Jem'Hedar reference still there? It's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more speculative than the shared name. If it's policy to remove one, then logically the other must be removed too as per the same guidelines.
How about because there is way more things connecting the two than just a ship name, which per site policy isn't trivia. The Jem'Hedar also have a short life span, like the vorcha. Both are warrior races, and see violence as normal. Both vorcha and Jem'Hedar mature rapidly, making then useful as shock troopers. Also both fill that role in their respective universes, they serve as shock troopers in the various universes. There are some differenses yes, however there are also quite a few similarities, and that is enough to justify trivia because there is a connection. Unlike the Vor'cha class, in which all that is in common is a name, and that isn't trivia. Lancer1289 12:50, October 5, 2010 (UTC)
the jem'hadar are fanatical and disciplined shock troops, the vorcha are unorganized thugs. the vorcha also appear far less reptilian than the jemhadar. so, the only similarities between the two are the short lifespan and reptilian traits, which isn't enough to justify a speculative connection. Asdf1239talk 08:07, April 29, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, I kinda see where you're coming from. The Jem'Hadar are genetically engineered religious zealot shock troops addicted to chemicals and whatnot. The vorcha are thugs generally considered a galactic nuisance. The vorcha, from this perspective, have about as much in common with the Jem'Hadar as do the salarians. SpartHawg948 08:12, April 29, 2011 (UTC)

Need assistance with linksEdit

Hey guys, posted a new Trivia entry about Mark Meer doing voice-overs for the vorcha. However, I'm having difficulties linking the interview properly. Thanks for your assistance.Dibol 10:07, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah I removed it because we do know that other actors do voices for other characters and there is some precedent here with not putting voice actor trivia for minor roles. And I’d consider this a very minor role. Lancer1289 13:36, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Life span Edit

Personally, I find it ironic that they have such a short life span considering the lengths their bodies seem to go through to keep them alive...

Comments like this belong in the forums or a blog post as this isn't what talk pages are for. Lancer1289 01:15, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Voice actor Edit

I think it should be mentioned that all of the Vorcha are voiced by Mark Meer (aka Commander Shepard). He confirmed it in an interview here ( POLE7645 04:03, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

I'd like to see additional confirmation on this as I've never heard of this site or the people doing the interview before. And either way, the only place in this article where it could be incorporated is in the trivia section, and I'm not even sure about that one. But again, I'd like to see more confirmation before anything is done on this. Lancer1289 05:06, September 19, 2011 (UTC)
[3] Mark Meer - Vorchas. Does IMDb count?
No because IMDb is not an acceptable source. However, it has been confirmed by another, much more reliable source. Lancer1289 01:08, March 18, 2012 (UTC) - mark meer himself taped voicing vorcha. good enough source?
i'd also like to point out mark meer himself stated he voiced all vorcha already on the first vid. unless we had perfectly working cloning technology now (or a body double or even state-of-the-art CGI that fools people into thinking the person in the vids is the real mark meer when in reality it's just a multimillion dollar rendering sham for all of three minutes) i see no reason to believe otherwise. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 06:38, October 21, 2012 (UTC)
Not good enough. Unreliable source. We need confirmation which we already have apparently by my last comment. Lancer1289 (talk) 17:34, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

epic win for bureaucracy this is. vid 1 shows mark meer saying flat out he voiced the vorcha, vid 2 shows mark meer demonstrating how he voiced the vorcha. how about those two sources together then.

but before that, vid 3. yet again having mark meer interviewed and saying a LOT more other things. in addition to vorcha. . inb4 "unreliable source" when it's the guy himself -again- stating the things he did.

and about that "much more reliable source" - care to add it yourself? "confirmed" you said. so add that source because as of now we're only taking your word for it. saves the rest of us peons time and effort to search through more mark meer stuff where the guy himself flat out says and does the things he did only to have them rejected on the basis of "unreliable interviewers".

really now. do we really need the interviewers to be some world-renowned media authority/corporate shill to be considered legit? there's really no point for the "unreliable sources" to fabricate those interviews you know. libel's the least of their problems. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 18:16, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

You know what will get me to actually present it, is you dropping the attitude. We have standards and we would never accpet that kind of YouTube video anyway since it is not an official one. It would be classified as a random video because it isn't the original. Lancer1289 (talk) 19:07, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

attitude? irrelevant. you're withholding valid information and we're asking for valid information. present it or withdraw your case for it being "confirmed". and how about that PWNED vid (vid 3 above) by the way. it's apparently made by the uk division of EA. uploaded by EAVISION or what seems to be a legit youtube arm of EA. can't get any more "original" or "official" than that unless we classify -that- as an "unreliable" source due to "having no proof it belongs to EA", "bioware has no involvement/confirmation on the legitimacy of that channel" or some other bureaucratic contrivance that has absolutely no bearing on content whatsoever.

then again if that EAVISION/PWNED thing turns out to be some kind of unofficial operation (or that "better source" you mentioned turns up or some other "more official" source gets posted with neither of our inputs) i withdraw my case. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 19:35, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

You know what turns me off, is people ordering me to do things when they come at me with an attitude, when there are about 600 ways they could have done it differently. You could have just reasonably asked, but you instead threw it in my face. Since that seems to be a reoccurring theme lately, I will apparently have to drop the issue.
The source is actually the same one we are using for Niftu Cal, just a different part of the interview, and one that you modified earlier. The Niftu part is 4, while the vorcha one is part 3. We would not accept that video because it isn't the original source. The video was uploaded by Canal de SoulFocuser, not EAVISION/PWNED, and if it was the original video, then more investigation would be needed for confirmation. Lancer1289 (talk) 19:42, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

uh, lancer you are pointing to the second vid. which was indeed uploaded by canal de soulfocuser or whoever the guy is. i was referring to the third vid i posted above, reposted here for convenience: . that's the one uploaded by EAVISION itself.

but since we already had express written confirmation on the source that you yourself approve i'll then take the liberty of adding that source to the page. if the third video also passes investigation (my preliminary investigation says it's legit, dunno about the rest of you) then at least we have another "official" source with mark meer once again in the flesh talking about the things he did. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 04:10, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

I just find it irrational, illogical, and just bull headed of you to even drag this out, how is this any different from the information I found for the voice of Kahlee Sanders, we have Mark Meer on tape, in an actual sit down interview say, "I voiced all the vorcha in mass effect 2" if you have information proving Mr Meet to be a liar, do share, I don't see how this is any different than getting someone to state they did a particular voice over Facebook/twitter. --Boss Hoss (talk) 19:38, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

not to mention facebook/twitter/IP-fu----n addresses can be hacked or spoofed with some effort. for all we know we may be getting "confirmation" from basement dwellers when we thought we were talking to grey/some bioware rep. and let's even consider the possibility that we might not be talking to the persons -at all-, but rather their publicists if they're rich enough to hire them. according to the wiki's standards, "not the persons' own words", therefore unreliable. speculation, yes, but this only underscores a major weakness of sourcing reference work on this wiki. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 04:10, October 22, 2012 (UTC) this seems relevant--Boss Hoss (talk) 18:33, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

Just throwing in my (somewhat substantial) two cents - I don't see why this was ever an issue. Lancer, why was there any issue with the first or second videos presented as a source? Unless you're contending that the person in the video isn't actually Mark Meer, both are valid sources. End of story. Now, was there attitude? Yes. From all parties. And, frankly, the attitude that Temporaryeditor78 presented seems (to me) to be entirely warranted. After all, he'd presented multiple valid sources which were rejected for spurious reasons. I'll close with one observation/question - Lancer, the other day you were more than willing to accept a screenshot of a Facebook post from the page of an actor. Of course, we can only assume that the page belongs to the voice actor. We have no real way to verify it. Why then were you unwilling to take a statement that is unequivocally from Mark Meer as a valid source? SpartHawg948 (talk) 05:49, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Vorcha in DLC Leviathan Edit

Hi everybody, Is it not worthy to add the news informations about Vorcha that we can find into the new DLC Leiathan ? There is a lot to say regard of planet description and new war assets.

Each peace of description is importnat for this unknown race (DeldiRe)

--leet prog4mer 12:33, August 31, 2012 (UTC)-

Thank you for editing Commdor. I would also add a chapter about military as they wanted to build a dreadnought and the fact that they have a small fleet (wiped out by the reapers). I would like to do it myself but i do not have access to ME3 right now and english is not my mother language :( (--[DeldiRe] 14:10, August 31, 2012 (UTC))