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Would someone mark on the map the spot that you begin to hear birds hooting and other jungle-y noises? It's right where the Mako icon is now, in fact, so whoever made that map obviously found said spot. 01:38, April 12, 2010 (UTC)

And did by accident anybody ever find out what those noises at that location indicate? If it has any meaning other than probably some leftovers from sound testing or something. 12:41, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

There is a jungle just over the distant mountain ridges, and the sounds of the animals carries far in the thin atmosphere.

I have a theory on what those sounds might be, after you defeated the last geth inside the base, a pop up comes up that says

"As the last geth falls. you hear music come across the room. On the monitor, a quarian stands before a hushed crowd warbling a mournful a capella of worlds and innocence lost. The recorded song is dispatched to the geth worlds beyond the Persues Veil. The transmitter shuts down."

a capella = no instruments

warbling = a musical trill

trill = (of birds, insects, etc.) to sing or utter in a succession of rapidly alternating sounds.

Maybe those strang sounds are apart of the quarians song?

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