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I am not sure who wrote this article on Jardaan but there seems to be several mythological inconsistencies; namely around the Jardaan's technological level.

After playing the game for over 60+ hours which I spent comparing the milky way tech tree vs remnant (Jardaan) tech tree, it is pretty obvious that the Jardaan are actually less advanced than the Prothean technology. The one area the remnant tech excels in or are more advanced in is cluster-wide terraforming tech tree branch. Otherwise, weapons, shields, FTL on the Remnant ships are lackluster compared to the Initiative tech or Prothean tech if we were to compare the two.

The only reason the Initiative had trouble with the Kett and Remnant is because their ships are scouts, with minimal armaments. The initiative ships are purely designed for exploration, not military.

If we were to scale Remnant technology on a purely hierarchical visual representation of the technological tree branch, then the Remnant tech would be somewhat superior to the Earth's tech pre-Mars exploration before the Humans discovered Prothean archives but post-Mars timeline, Humanity would have advanced and become technologically superior to the Remnants in the area of FTL, sub-light engines, shields, weapons with the inclusion of Eezo mass effect fields.

My observations can be backed up by Foster Addison who also stated that "Remnant technology is actually less advanced than the Prothean technology uncovered on Mars."

The Jardaan's use of mass effect fields for their 'gravity well' lift systems, as well as the large scale use of eezo in practically all their constructs seems to suggest they have a high level of understanding in gravitational manipulation.

Eezo was previously only known to have been formed inside collapsing supernovae, and the Jardaan must've either found a way to harvest this material in extremely large quantities or have developed a method to synthesise eezo in order to make use of it in such quantities.

I agree with the assessment of the comparative technology levels of weapons systems, since most Remnant constructs are armed with weapons inferior to those which can be built by the player endgame, however their shielding technology seems either on-par with the Protheans or superior to it from what we saw on Havarl (stasis fields used for defence in comparison to the suspension fields used by the Protheans on Therum.)

Overall the Jardaan seem to have concentrated their development on larger scale construction, with their ships and structures dwarfing those seen built by the Protheans, but trailed behind with their mass effect technology as no sign has been seen of mass relays or similar technology.

John.redican.58 (talk) 12:02, April 15, 2017 (UTC)

Your observations seem largely correct, but I'd like to also remind you that the Remnant encountered also seem to be exploration and science oriented if the Remnant City and its data caches are anything to go by, it is possible we haven't seen what actual Remnat warships would be like. --RocketBrother (talk) 17:10, June 29, 2017 (UTC)

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