Talitha is a former slave, who was captured by batarian slavers on Mindoir. After a period of time, she finally escapes her confinement.

Mass Effect Edit

Shepard is called by Lieutenant Girard to handle Talitha, who is at the docking bay threatening to kill herself with a pistol. If Shepard chooses to talk to Talitha, the Commander discovers she is a fellow survivor of Mindoir.

Confused and speaking in the third person, Talitha gradually tells her story. She was six when batarian slavers slaughtered her family, forced to watch her parents incinerated by their weapons. The young Talitha tried to hide from the batarians and hoped they would go away, but they captured her and implanted a control device in her head. She became a slave, mistreated and beaten even for crying, but Talitha gradually adjusted to her new life. Shepard believes Talitha developed Stockholm Syndrome over the years of her captivity. Eventually, Alliance marines raided the slaver encampment, killed the batarians and freed their captives. Talitha was so inured to her existence as a slave that she even tried to help her 'masters' after they had been killed.

If Shepard approaches Talitha too fast, she will shoot herself. However, if Shepard is careful, Talitha can be gently made to face her past, take a sedative and be taken to a psychiatric facility for treatment. If she refuses to take the sedative, Shepard can force her to swallow it. Alternatively, Shepard can decide she is too much of a threat, and give Lieutenant Girard the order for a sniper to kill her.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

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In 2185, should Shepard be from the Colonist origin and convinced Talitha to sedate herself, the Commander will receive an email from her.


From: Talitha

Shepard, I don't know if you remember me. I had a gun and you stopped me from hurting myself. My doctors say I am doing better. One of them works with the people you work for. He told me he could get a message to you.

I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't talked to me that day, but the doctors are helping me. I am getting better. They put me in a special school, and they say I am doing good. The doctors say that other people are getting taken like I was. I hope you can help them like you helped me.

Thank you.

Trivia Edit

  • 'Talitha' is an Aramaic word for a maiden or virgin. The Bible recounts that Christ restored a girl to life by speaking the phrase "talitha kumi", meaning "maiden, get up" in Aramaic.