Commander Shepard has acquired detailed data files from a geth outpost. Given the history of the quarians, these might be of interest to Tali.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: UNC: Geth Incursions
Solcrum Geth Base Terminal
Acquire this assignment by purging the geth stronghold on Solcrum, as part of the UNC: Geth Incursions assignment. Search the stronghold, and you can find geth data on a terminal in a back room. Finding the data will give this assignment.

Walkthrough Edit

Once you have the data, return to the Normandy and speak to Tali. She will ask to talk about the data you received. She wants a copy of it as her Pilgrimage gift. The only way to make her happy and give her something to return to her people with will be to give her a copy of the data, but it's your call.

  • If you let her copy the data, you get experience and 1 Paragon point.
  • If you don't let her copy the data, you get experience and 1 Renegade point.

Mass Effect 2 Consequences Edit

On Freedom's Progress, Shepard can verify his/her identity for Tali by mentioning the geth data that she received. Tali will confirm that it aided in her Pilgrimage. If the data was withheld, Shepard cannot reassure her in this manner, though Tali will not remain overly suspicious. In this case, her Pilgrimage is still presumably a success, though it is unknown what she used as a substitute gift.

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