Private Talavi is a newly recruited Systems Alliance engineer.

Talavi is encountered in Bay D24 with her superior, Sergeant Olembe, who is giving Talavi her first assignment. After being informed that she will be deployed to guard a vital fuel plant against Cerberus incursions, Talavi requests that she be transferred to a unit fighting Reaper forces instead. When Olembe asks Talavi for the reason why, Talavi explains that she believes her younger brother has recently joined Cerberus, unaware of the atrocities they were committing, and she does not want to fight Cerberus because she might encounter him. Sympathetic, Olembe agrees to see if she can get Talavi transferred. If she is transferred to a new unit, the Alliance's Third Fleet suffers casualties against Cerberus due to a shortage of engineers.

Trivia Edit

  • During the mission N7: Cerberus Lab, two datapads can be found in the facility written by a C. Talavi. In the first, he expresses excitement about his new posting to the lab and his upcoming "integration", and the second one reveals his integration has already taken place. C. Talavi is presumably Private Talavi's brother, confirming her fears were well-founded.

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