ME3 Tactical Scan
Tactical Scan is a power in Mass Effect 3. It is available only to the male Quarian Infiltrator, Engineer and Marksman DLC characters in the multiplayer mode.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Tactical ScanEdit

Reveal weaknesses in defenses, increasing all damage done to the target and slowing its movement speed. Provide the entire squad with a tactical readout. Only one scan can be active on a target.

  • Recharge Speed: 4 Sec
  • Duration: 20 sec
  • Movement Speed Penalty: 15%
  • Damage Taken Bonus: 15%

Rank 2: Recharge SpeedEdit

Increase Recharge speed by 50%

  • Recharge Speed: 2.67 Sec

Rank 3: DurationEdit

Increase Duration by 30%

  • Duration: 26 Sec

Rank 4: Weapon Damage/Power Damage Edit

Weapon Damage

Increase all weapon damage done to the target by 7.5%

Power Damage

Increase all power damage done to the target by 7.5%

Rank 5: Headshots/Movement Speed Edit


Increase all Headshot damage by 25%.

Movement Speed

Increase the target's movement speed penalty by 15%.

  • Movement Speed Penalty: 30%
  • Recharge Speed: 2.28 Sec

Rank 6: Damage/Area Scan Edit


Increase all damage done to the target by 10%

  • Damage Taken Bonus: 25%

Area Scan

Increase scan duration by 100%. Momentarily reveal enemies within 20 meters of the target with an initial scanning pulse

  • Duration: 46 sec

Player Notes Edit

  • Tactical Scan has a lengthy activation time, but does not need line of sight and can be done without breaking cover.
    • With the Area Scan evolution, Tactical Scan can be used even without a target, if only to get the brief area scan.
  • A hologram of the scanned target will appear on the player's omni-tool, allowing the player to see what the target is doing even if they don't have a visual, along with the distance to the scanned target measured in meters.
  • The colored semi-circles around the target and the hologram represent health/armor (left side) and shield/barriers (right side). This allows everyone to see the hit points remaining on the target even when outside lock-on range or invisible.
  • If used against Swarmers, Geth Turrets, or enemy Drones, Tactical Scan will kill them instead of causing its normal effects.
  • The rank 5 Movement Speed evolution appears to increase the recharge speed by 25%, but in actually it is simply applying the Rank 5A bonus to the stat bar. There is no change in your actual cooldown.
  • Tactical scan 5A [1] evolution is not applied to headshot damage, effectively making this upgrade do nothing.
  • You can even activate Tactical Scan while reloading in cover, although it doesn't "cancel" the reloading process like a combat roll or power use would. This means that you can activate this power without breaking cover or use it against an enemy that is in cover. However, you cannot use this power against an enemy that cannot be targeted, like a Geth Hunter that's currently cloaked. To counter this, fire a shot at the enemy, and then use Tactical Scan as soon as the targetting reticle appears.
  • Tactical Scan with the Area Scan evolution does not need a target lock. It can be used to reveal enemies while behind cover that would otherwise obscure a player's vision. It does not confer any effects of the power to enemies revealed, nor will it continue to track specific enemies. This can be done in rapid succession to continually track enemies as Tactical Scan wears off.
  • The rank 6 Area Scan combined with Arc Grenade is an effective way to spot and reveal group of stealthed enemies.
    • The 'highlight' effect of Area Scan makes it very easy to get headshots on enemies whose heads are not visible, such as Guardians.

Availability Edit

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