Codex ME - AI
Synthetic Insights, Ltd. is one of only four corporations licensed by the Citadel Council to develop artificial intelligence.

They have known operations on Illium and Noveria. Their holdings on Noveria are extensive, where tight security allows them to work without harassment from politically hostile organizations; therefore they invest heavily there. The Synthetic Insights manager at Noveria's Port Hanshan is Lorik Qui'in.

Examples of their products include the graybox, released to the market in 2160, and the Synthetics Insights SleepEasy Series line of security VIs. The SleepEasy Series can run mechs, has a very fast response matrix compared to others of its caliber, and an industry-standard cyberwarfare defensive suite.

Mass Effect Edit

Synthetic Insights may be one of the companies who contribute capital to the Noveria Development Corporation, though Qui'in mentions that Synthetic Insights relies on the goodwill of the NDC's executive board to work on Noveria.

Commander Shepard claims to have heard the company's name mentioned in the news media lately. Given the recent geth attacks on human colonies, Synthetic Insights may have been consulted as experts on artificial intelligence, or freshly criticised for their research.

The corporation's offices on Noveria were temporarily shut down by Administrator Anoleis in 2183, pending inquiry into Lorik Qui'in's knowledge of the administrator's corrupt dealings. Qui'in has incriminating data about Anoleis on a computer terminal inside the offices, which are searched by the administrator's agents.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Synthetic Insights has a strict non-discrimination employment policy, but they do refrain from hiring slave labor, or even "indentured servants". Trust in AI research has decreased since the geth attack on the Citadel, taking the company's reputation along with it. The last thing it needs is to engage in more practices the Council disapproves of. As a result, two years after the attack Synthetic Insights barely hires anyone.

Shepard can help mediate a deal between an indentured quarian, her contract broker, and Synthetic Insights. In one outcome the company pounces on the opportunity as a PR stunt against slavery, in another they're forced to hire the quarian under penalty of increased scrutiny from Illium's bureaucracy, and in another Shepard fails to goad their representative into doing either.