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The Sync Laser is a heavy weapon that appears in Mass Effect 3.

Description Edit

The weapon was designed by Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh using reverse-engineered geth technology. It is connected with the Normandy SR-2's weapon systems, and allows for laser-painting a target with pin-point accuracy, for a precision bombing run once the target has been locked. EDI mentions however, that the weapon should only be used when necessary, as the geth will quickly adapt their defenses to jam its signal.

Acquisition Edit

  • Single-player: Commander Shepard receives this weapon before the assault on the Reaper base on Rannoch, in order to destroy the source of Reaper control signal inside the complex. Later, it is used to coordinate orbital strike from the quarian fleet on a Reaper Destroyer. It can only be used for those purposes and is automatically equipped when reaching the relevant portion of the mission.
  • Multiplayer: N/A

Player Notes Edit

  • The laser is able to triangulate a firing solution for the Migrant Fleet quicker when zoomed in, and when the player doesn't move.

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