Strike team missions can be seen as a mini-game in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Strike teams are assault and extraction squads. They can be sent on two types of missions:

  • Single player missions which automatically completes after a specified time.
  • APEX missions which can be played in multi-player mode or as a regular single player mission.

Successful missions give items and credits rewards that can be used by any character on that player account.

The missions are running on a separate Real World timer independent on the game time. You can observe this by starting a mission and then load a previous save game - the mission is running.

The strike teams and the rewards are account wide, i.e. any of the characters on that account can send the same teams on missions and pick up the rewards.

Enabling the use of Strike TeamsEdit

To enable the use of Strike Team Missions interact with the terminal next to Kandros in Operations on Nexus to start the short authorization mission First Strike. Your space ship Tempest also have a Strike Team Missions terminal.

Types of rewards for completing Strike Team missionsEdit

Successfully completed missions:

  • The strike team will earn XP, and sometimes a positive trait. Aquired traits can't be lost.
  • The player account is awarded with
    • 5 - 10 mission funds (the total is visible in upper right corner; can only be spent on strike teams)
    • Research data (collect them from the "Pathfinder Rewards" menu).
    • Item rewards (collect them from the "Pathfinder Rewards" menu):
      minerals, tech materials, and bio materials (used for crafting).

Failed missions:

  • The team will get a small XP reward, and sometimes the team will aquire a negative trait. These traits can't be removed.

The strike teams and the rewards are account wide, i.e. any of the characters on that account can send the same teams on missions and pick up the rewards.

Observed rewardsEdit

The following values were obsereved during a full play-through.


  • Credits: 30 - 96.
  • Weapons: Common, uncommon, ultra rare (occured once during the play-through).
  • Armor: Uncommon.
  • Reasearch data: 30 Milky Way, Heleus, or Remnant.
  • Minerals: 5 - 20 common.
  • Bio materials: 4 - 18 common.


  • Credits: 29 - 119.
  • Weapons: Rare, ultra rare.
  • Armor: Rare.
  • Tech: None.
  • Reasearch data: 30 Milky Way, Heleus, or Remnant.
  • Minerals: 12-35 common, 13-33 uncommon.
  • Bio materials: rare 14-30.


  • Credits: 29 - 103
  • Weapons: Uncommon, ultra rare (most common)
  • Armor: Rare.
  • Tech: None.
  • Reasearch data: 30 Milky Way, Heleus, or Remnant.
  • Minerals: 1-7 rare, 1-7 ultra rare.
  • Bio materials: 7 common.


  • Credits: The cryo pods APEX tactics 1 and APEX tactics 2 was awakened, each giving an extra 15% credits.
  • Weapons: A single weapon without augmentations. Approximately 85% of the item rewards. Sells for good money.
  • Armor: A single wpiece of armor without augmentations. Aproximately 15% of the item rewards. Sells for good money.
  • Research data: Always the same amount. Is not affected by the cryo pods Improved Development and Improved Development II.
  • Minerals: Sometimes also occur together with an item reward.
  • Tech materials: Never occured.
  • Bio materials: On gold difficulty it occured almost never.

Number of teams and team levelsEdit

You can have a maximum of six tstrike teams.

A fresh team starts at level 1 and can reach level 20 by earning XP from missions.

The higher the team's level the higher chance to successfully complete missions.

The three menusEdit

The "Teams" menuEdit

For each team you can see its aquired traits and equipment.

You can recruit new teams. You start with one team, and can reqruit another five teams for a increasing cost: 40, 80, 120, 160, 200 mission funds.

You can retire a team, and recruit antother one to replace it.

You can can use missions funds to improve a team's equipment. This will increase the team's chance to win its missions, if the mission has corresponding a corresponding trait as its characteristics. A team can have only one piece of equipment. Buying a new one to a teaam will destroy the existing equipment.

Strike teams equip1

The Teams menu

Strike teams equip2

Selecting a trait to purchase

The "Missions" menuEdit

The mission list shows available, ongoing, and completed missions (marked "Awaiting debrief").

Available missions show information about: - Difficulty (bronze, silver or gold). - Time it will take to complete the mission. - Probability of success depending on which team you send. Try to send a team having traits that match the mission parameters. - Missions marked as APEX also give you the choise of doing it as a regular strike team mission or playing it as a multi-player mission.

Missions in progress: - How long time before it is completed.

Completed missions: - Debriefing the missions will show the awards: XP, Mission funds, loot boxes. (collect their contents in the "Pathfinder rewards" menu).

Strike teams missions

The "Missions" menu

Sending a team on a missionEdit

Strike teams mission select

Select the mission

Strike teams mission send

Select a team and send it on the mission

Strike teams mission inprogress

The mission is in progress until it has completed

If it's an APEX mission, you can choose to do it as a regular strike team mission och play it in muktiplayer mode:

Strike teams apex1

An APEX mission

Strike teams apex2

Make your choise

When the mission is completed, it's marked as ready to debrief. Selecting it displays the rewards.

Strike teams debrief

Select the mission you want to debrief and collect the rewards from

Strike teams outcome

The rewards for the team's efforts on this mission.

The "Pathfinder rewards" menuEdit

Here you pick up the loot boxes which might contain any of the following: Credits, research data, weapon, resources (minerals, tech materials, bio materials).

The containters holding the awarded items (weapons, resources, research data) are shown in the list. The are accumulaled here until you collect them.

Strike teams reward

Containers holding the rewarded items.

When you exit the Strike Teams menu you can see the amounts you received (one might wonder why that is not shown when the container is opened).

Strike teams reward2

The only way to see the amounts of the awarded items.

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