Stiv Kay is an assassin hired by batarian slavers to take out Thane Krios' family. A pallid man with at least one red eye, he has a proclivity towards very long knives.

One stormy night while Thane is away on a mission, Stiv Kay makes his way into the drell's home. Thane's wife Irikah senses the imminent danger and tries to defend against him, but to no avail. Thane returns to a bloodstained house and a murdered wife.

Stiv Kay's batarian accomplices give up his name under Thane's torture. He receives a sniper bullet to the torso as he is walking along a crowded lane. He's defiant to the end as Thane walks up to him, taunting the drell how his wife "was sweet" and how her taste "was worth whatever [he's] going to do to [him]". As with the other conspirators, Thane puts him to death afterward.

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