For the armor upgrade in the original Mass Effect, see Armor Upgrades.
ME3 Stimulant Pack
Stimulant Pack is a power in Mass Effect 3. It is available only to the Turian Ghost and Havoc DLC characters in Multiplayer, and Urdnot Wrex in the single-player campaign.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Stimulant Pack Edit

A specially designed ops survival pack that temporarily increases survivability and all damage output.

  • Max Shields: 2000 (1200 multiplayer)
  • Damage: 15% (5% multiplayer)
  • Duration: 10 sec (6 sec multiplayer)

Rank 2: Pack Capacity Edit

Increase pack capacity by 1.

Rank 3: Damage Edit

Increase damage bonus by 5% (2.50% multiplayer).

  • Damage: 20% (7.50% multiplayer)

Rank 4: Damage/Max Shields Edit


Increase damage bonus by 10% (5% multiplayer).

  • Damage: 30% (12.50% multiplayer)

Max Shields

Increase max shield bonus by 40%.

  • Max Shields: 2800 (1680 multiplayer)

Rank 5: Pack Capacity/Duration Edit

Pack Capacity

Increase pack capacity by 1.


Increase duration by 50%.

  • Duration: 15 sec (9 sec multiplayer)

Rank 6: Weapon Damage/Survival Edit

Weapon Damage

Increase weapon damage by 15% (8% multiplayer) for the duration of the power.


Increase max shield bonus by 60% and melee damage by 30% (25% multiplayer) for the duration of the power.

Player Notes Edit

  • This power works along the same principle as the multiplayer Ops Survival Pack Supply item. Like the Survival Packs, the power can be accessed regardless of recharge stage and used at any time, but it has a limited supply. However, this supply can be replenished at ammo drops like grenade powers, unlike the Survival Packs.
  • Unlike Ops Survival Packs, Stimulant Packs do not replenish health.
  • Stimulant Packs offers a brief immunity period upon consumption, much like Ops Survival Packs grant after use.
  • This power benefits from Gear items that increase the number of grenades that a player can carry. Choosing the Rank 5 extra Stimulant Pack upgrade and equipping the level V Grenade Capacity Gear enables the player to carry as many as eight Stimulant Packs at a time.
  • It is highly recommended to either equip grenade upgrades to carry extra Stimulant Packs or carry a high capacity weapon during long firefights or when ammo supplies are limited because of shared resources (i.e. when other players use nearby ammo boxes during escort, data upload, or extraction objectives).


  • If Wrex has no packs available for the Stimulant Pack ability, the power wheel text will display "No grenades", as if stimulant packs were grenades.

Availability Edit

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