Station sabotage

Technician Raj Patil believes someone is sabotaging Nexus systems, and he's asked your help investigating possible sabotage sites.

Acquisition Edit

After Ryder exits Director Tann's office upon completing Nexus Reunion a panel will shower a nearby technician in sparks causing him to yelp in pain. Speak with him and he'll introduce himself and explain that he believes that someone might be sabotaging Nexus systems. Agree to help him to start this mission.

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate Operation Center Site Edit

The first panel is located adjacent to the northern ramp that leads from the colonial affairs block to the operations block. The panel has been accessed remotely, so trace the wiring through the wall with the scanning tool to locate the nearby remote access site, near Kesh's office.

Investigate Militia Site Edit

The second panel is located in the militia office above eye level on the southern wall.

Investigate Pathfinder HQ Site Edit

The last panel is located in Director Tann's office against the eastern wall. This panel has also been accessed remotely, so trace the wiring to the remote access site on the Colonial Affairs deck.

Station sabotage panels

Confront the Saboteur Edit

After examining all three sites and cross-referencing the names of the technicians that have worked on the panels, it appears that a technician named Zarah Kellus may be the saboteur. Head to the Hyperion habitation deck to confront her with the evidence you've found. After confronting the supposed saboteur, it turns out that she has evidence against Raj. It looks like they have both been duped and are being used as a decoy.

Investigate Security Footage Edit

Head back to the Nexus and view the security footage to find that it's been scrambled. SAM is able to deduce that the likely perpetrator is a human male who works as security.

Scan Security People Edit

Use your scanner on security personnel in the militia office on the Nexus and those that have been transferred to the Hyperion on the habitation deck. The search eventually leads to a security officer back on the Habitation Deck named Dale Atkins. Confront him and he confesses to his crime.

Aftermath Edit

Ryder decides whether to let Dale leave the station in exile without further punishment or submit him to judgement by the leaders of the Nexus. The decision has no further consequence.

Rewards Edit

  • 73 AVP icon
  • 530 XP

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