An angaran excursion group failed to return at their scheduled time. Resistance spies report the kett captured the group and took them to a holding site for extraction.

Acquisition Edit

The mission is automatically acquired when one of the identical missions Eyes on the Ground or On the Frontlines is completed by talking to the angara Skeot at Hjara Station on Voeld.


Reach kett holding siteEdit

At the map marker is a heavily guarded kett base. Make use of the heaters scattered around to ensure the cold doesn't sap your shields too much.

Rescue captured angaraEdit

They are imprisoned in four cages with an orange glow. Use the console next to the cage to free the prisoners. They will join you in fighting the kett as they are released.

More waves of kett will appear via airship, so be prepared.

Speak to the rescued angaraEdit

After releasing all the prisoners, talk to Niilj. He says they will head back to the Resistance base, but another angara mentions that a drive containing vital data from the kett network must be delivered. They ask that Ryder take the drive to Buxil in Techiix.

Completing the conversation completes this mission. The mission Meet the Family is automatically acquired.


Commander Do Xeel sends you an email after this mission:

Confidential Voeld Intel
To: Ryder
From: Commander Do Xeel

Since your liberation of the labor camp on Voeld, some information has come to my attention:

For years, the kett ignored our work in the frozen city of Ja Niihk. Searching for details of our buried past didn't seem to threaten them. One day, we must have uncovered something that the kett deemed extremely dangerous. They invaded the city, killing or enslaving our archeological team, and locked it down.

Intel from the labor camp seems to confirm what have, to this point, only been crazy rumors--there may be an ancient, pre-scourge AI locked in ice in the depths of the city.

This explains the Prefect's swift and violent move. I've heard the kett shun tech like artificial intelligence--and they certainly wouldn't want us to have it.

Please keep this knowledge to yourself.


  • 530 XP
  • 73 AVP
  • 5% Voeld viability


I'm sorry
Have to be brief. The kett took our equipment away, but they missed this data device. Interface is awkward, but it'll do.

They caught us at Eroesk. We stayed longer than we should've, hoping it would give others a chance. When you left, you told me not to do anything that would get me hurt. But when the alert came, I couldn't get on that shuttle. I wouldn't be able to live knowing I could've done more. That would've been the deeper hurt.

So I have done what you asked, though not quite in the way you intended, and I am sorry to put you through this.

Be well, my heart, and may the stars always shine bright for you.