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This Squad Members Guide details information and strategies corresponding to each of the squad members Ryder can acquire during the course of Mass Effect: Andromeda, including recommendations for use against particular enemy types and a quick reference table. Especially on harder difficulty levels, the proper selection and use of squad members can significantly affect the difficulty of a given mission or assignment.

Squad Member Overview Edit

Cora Edit

Drack Edit

Jaal Edit

Liam Edit

Peebee Edit

Vetra Edit

Squad Pairing Edit

Cora/Drack Edit

Cora/Jaal Edit

Cora/Liam Edit

Cora/Peebee Edit

  • Peebee lifts and debuffs, while Cora charges in and finishes the job. Simple and effective biotics-heavy squad, but has difficulty in long-range engagements.

Cora/Vetra Edit

Drack/Jaal Edit

Drack/Liam Edit

Drack/Peebee Edit

Drack/Vetra Edit

  • As the two tankiest companions, this squad will rarely go down in a fight. With Drack at close range and Vetra at close-to-mid range, you can hang back as a sniper and help these two carve a path across the field.

Jaal/Liam Edit

  • Tech-heavy squad. Deals good damage, but Liam is a bit soft and can be vulnerable in extended engagements.

Jaal/Peebee Edit

Jaal/Vetra Edit

  • Great squad for a tanky Vanguard player. Vetra complements your biotics with her assault tools up close, while Jaal deals considerable damage from mid-to-long range. At higher levels, Jaal will spend more time using his tech at close ranges, forming a balanced wrecking ball squad.
  • This build is very good for fighting architects - both can deal good ranged damage, while Vetra increases your survivability.

Liam/Peebee Edit

Liam/Vetra Edit

Peebee/Vetra Edit

Countering Enemies Edit

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