Ontarom Beetles

Space Beetles are a species which can be found on the planet Ontarom in 2183 and are likely being studied as part of the careful cataloging of Ontarom's native life. Unlike Space Cows, which are also native to Ontarom, the Beetles have no dialogue option. There are larger Beetles and smaller ones that may be juveniles.

Space Beetles can be found near the crashed probe on Ontarom, and near a dead turian and the wreckage he is discovered in. The Beetles can be dispatched with a few shots. Unlike other benign animals, shooting the Space Beetles does not provoke comments of disdain from Commander Shepard's squad.

Space Beetles are also encountered on Haestrom, Zorya, and other worlds in 2185. Unlike the members of the species found on Ontarom, these Space Beetles immediately flee the area when Shepard and the squad intrude.

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