While exploring Kadara you found a settlement littered with dead angara.

Acquisition Edit

The mission starts automatically when Pathfinder Ryder travels along the path leading to the northwestern Kurinth's Valley region and get close to the first building.

Walkthrough Edit

Search For Clues To Angaran Deaths (0/2) Edit

Scanning the bodies inside the first building shows that the cause of death was the drinking of unfiltered water containing sulfuric acid. That's strange, because the angarans have lived a long time on this planet and know better than to do that. SAM suggests investigating the water supply.

A datapad in the same building indicates that the angarans were selling food and water.

Food and water in exchange for credits, salvage, whatever you have. Items at the top cost more than those at the bottom

- Filtered water
- Adhi meat (fresh)
- Kaerkyn shell soup
- Taurg flank steak
- Drall bits
- Adhi meat (semi-fresh)

One of the items to scan is an encrypted datapad that has logs from one of the angarans. The Outlaws tried to figure out how to build their own water filters and they were caught sneaking around the angaran filters. Some outlaws have set up some shacks to the south calling it Charybdis Point. The outlaws showed up demanding the angarans hand over the water filters but the angarans were able to drive them off.

There is a container in the building with the encrypted datapad.

In the other building, scanning the water filters is the other item that reveals that someone has tampered with the quality meter and filters just enough to poison the angarans slowly over time. The obvious suspects are the outlaws at Charybdis Point.

Scanning the Filtration Equipment awards +10 Rd icon heleus orange.

There are several datapads in the buildings that shed light on what has happened.

Personal Log: Voltyr
New entry: Everything hurts. I've thrown up so much, I fear my stomach has flipped inside out.

Even Skylaar, the strongest of us, looks like death.


Personal Log: Kariina
New entry: The aliens arrive daily now. Starving. Filthy. The way they look at us... I begged Skylaar to show them mercy and not charge them for food. But he wouldn't listen.

I have a terrible feeling about this.


Once both clues have been found, Ryder can travel to the south to Charybdis Point.

Search Charybdis Point For Evidence Edit

Speak to Mallox. The place is some sort of low grade hotel (SAM recommends not touching the sheets). Also they sell clean water, but he denies any knowledge of the water poisoning.

In the room with Mallox is a terminal with multiple entries and a container that can be looted.

Visitors Log
Name: Boyle
Notes: Bed, water, dinner, travel provisions

Name: Advesa
Notes: Bed, water

Name: Xenor
Notes: Bed, water, travel provisions

Name: Svoss
Notes: Bed, water, dinner

Name: Jocil
Notes: Bed, water

Rules and Regulations
Charybdis Point House Rules

1. What you do in your bunk is your business, but keep the noise down.
 2. No stealing, no killing, or violence of any kind.
 3. Keep to your bunk and the common areas.
 4. Meals are kept on a strict schedule. If you're late, that's your problem.
 5. We hold the right to kick your ass out at any time.

What's with the name?
I dated a human once who liked mythology.


On the bottom floor is a container with water filters made by the angara. This is the proof that proves Mallox and his crew stole filters and poisoned the angarans.

There is an Angaran Integrated Tech Node on the upper floor of the building on the south side of the road that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.

Defeat The Exiles Responsible Edit

Mallox enters the room and a fight starts. Defeat the enemies.

In the room with the water filters is a datapad.

About Semaj

Keep an eye on him. He's been complaining about you-know-what and I don't want you-know-who finding out. Remind him of the oath and if he disregards... well, one less mouth to feed.


Rewards Edit