While exploring Kadara you found a settlement littered with dead angara.


The mission starts automatically when you travel along the path leading to the northwestern area of the map och get close to the first building.


Search for clues to angatan deathsEdit

Scanning the bodies inside the first building shows that the cause of death was the drinking of unfiltered water containing sulfuric acid. That's strange, because the angarnas have libe a long time on this planet and knows better than to do that. SAM suggests ivestigating the water supply.

A data pad in the same buiding indicates that the angarans where selling water and eating stuff.

An encrypted data pag has logs from one of the angarans. He saw an business The exiles tried to figure out how to build their own water filters, and they caaught sneaking around the angaran filters. Some exiles set up some shacks nearby calling it the Charybdis Point. They showed up demdaning the angarans hand over the water filters, but the angarans were able to drive them off.

In the other building scanning the water filers reveal that someone have tamopered with thw quality meter and filters just enough to poison the angarnas slowly over time. The obvious suspects are those persons at Charybdis Point.

A nearby data pad indicates that the symtoms of poisoning have bcome noticeable.

Search the Charybdis Point for evidenceEdit

Speak to Mallox. The place is some sort of low grade hotel (SAM recommends not touching the sheets). Also they sell clean water, but he denies any knowledge of the water poisoning. On the bottom floor is a container with water filters of angaran make, and that proves Mallox and his crew stole filters and poisoned the angarans. Mallox enters, and a fight starts.


270 xp, 29 AVP, +2% Kadara viability,.

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