Chief Engineer Grace Lito was one of the last people off Eos after watching both Promise and Resilience slowly fail. She went back into cryo on the Nexus. She might be willing to redeploy once your outpost is placed.


In the area on the cliffs southeast of Site 1, there is a datapad; reading it will place this mission in your Journal.

The Chief Engineer

Login: Chief Engineer Grace Lito
New Entry: Final Entry. I’m closing muster point Delta and calling the evacuation complete. No one left is responding. I swore to them…

Resume. Enough of that. I couldn’t even finish one damn project that might have saved them. This rock beat us and I accept my part. Joining the last shuttle out. Likely back into cryo. I won’t be a drain if this is the long slide. But if there’s a way to finish what we started, I’ll be back. This is Chief Engineer Grace Lito, E-97-Durango. Out.



Talk to Addison and assistant to redeploy LitoEdit

Back on the Nexus, talk to Addison about getting a specific sleeper out of cryo. She'd rather not be involved in that decision-making, however, and turns you towards her assistant, Vladimir Brecka. Ask him to bring Eos Chief Engineer Grace Lito out of cryostasis to complete the mission.


270 xp (doesn't show on screen).


  • On Eos, you can find two bodies of previous colonists with datapads next to them. One, Aman Kothari, is near the forward station next to the outpost area, under the awning. The other, Samantha Bristol, is along the southeastern shore of the lake near Site 1 and 2. If they are both examined before reading Lito's datapad, Ryder will wonder what happened to the chief engineer. Otherwise, SAM will say that their deaths were not forwarded to the Nexus, as the chief engineer halted records.
  • From Vladimir Brecka we learn that Ryder's ID Designation is A-03-Malapa.

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