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System View
Stellar Mass 1.0 Sol Mass
Stellar Class G
Luminosity N/A
Planets 2
Moons 10
Asteroid Belts 0
Asteroids 0
Objects 0

Location: Milky Way / Caleston Rift / Solveig

Solveig is a small system with two planets and 10 moons.

Prerequisite: Collector Ship (mission) (Mass Effect 2)

Solveig is evolving prematurely into a red giant star. The name Solveig is of Norse origin, but has different meanings, the closest of which is "strong sun"; from the Norse word for sun "Sol" and the Norse word for strength "veig". The planets in this system all have Norse names.

Sinmara Edit

Sinmara is a moon orbiting the planet Surtur.

Main article: Sinmara

Surtur Edit

Surtur is the first planet orbiting the star Solveig.

Main article: Surtur

Thrivaldi Edit

Thrivaldi is the second planet orbiting the star Solveig.

Main article: Thrivaldi

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