Sloane Kelly is the leader of the Outcasts, the criminal faction in control of Kadara Port. Previously, Sloane Kelly had been employed by Jien Garson's Andromeda Initiative as head of Nexus security before being exiled to Kadara following the Nexus uprising. While on Kadara, Sloane managed to beat out the local kett forces and took over the port.

While attempting to locate the Archon's flagship, Pathfinder Ryder meets with her, hoping to secure the release of angaran Resistance traitor Vehn Terev. Regardless of the way the discussion goes, Sloane refuses to release him.

Sloane's authority over Kadara Port has been called into question by many of its inhabitants, and by the time Ryder arrives, a new faction known as the Collective has already emerged to disrupt her operations and overthrow her.

Eventually, Sloane is contacted by the Charlatan, the Collective's leader, and is challenged to a one-on-one fight. If Ryder is enlisted as her back-up, they can choose to either save her or leave her to die.

Should Ryder choose to save Sloane, the Charlatan will be forced to flee and the Outcasts rule on Kadara Port will be reinforced. She will allow the Initiative to settle an Outpost on Kadara for the sake of the Pathfinder, stating that while she will never trust the Initiative, Ryder is "out of the doghouse", on the condition that the outpost pays a regular protection fee. Later on she assists Ryder in the final battle for Meridian against the Archon.

Trivia Edit

  • Sloane's voice actress, Indira Varma, also provides the voice for Moshae Sjefa. In the Dragon Age universe, Varma voices Vivienne.