A group of protestors are demanding that their families be released from stasis. Speak with the Nexus leadership about how best to resolve the situation.

Acquisition Edit

After founding an outpost on Eos and deciding whether to make it research-based or military-based, upon returning to the Nexus, Ryder will find that protestors have taken up residence in the Hydroponic Gardens area. Ryder can acquire the first objective simply by going near the protestors. Ryder can also talk to one of the militia members in the area for a brief commentary.

Note: This mission must be completed before Meridian: The Way Home or the mission will fail.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak With The Protestors Edit

Speaking with Rhys, one of the protestors, Ryder finds out that the protestors are angry with both the leadership of the Nexus and with the Pathfinder's decision for Prodromos, as it has pushed their families further back in deployment priority and separated the protestors into different blocks. Regardless of Ryder's dialogue choices, the protestors want Ryder to speak with Nexus leadership to get their family members out of cryo.

Speak With Kandros Edit

Informing Tiran Kandros of the situation, Tiran gathers the other Nexus leaders to discuss the issue. The leaders say that there are simply not enough resources or space to wake up all of the wanted families; even with Prodromos, sending extra people there could be trouble. Ryder can choose to agree with the leaders or say that the protestors are right.

Note: The next two objectives are one or the other. Speaking with the protestors is the No answer. Authorizing is the Yes answer. Only one objective will appear in the Journal depending upon Ryder's choice.

Speak With The Protestors Edit

If Ryder decides to keep the families in cryo, Ryder will need to go and speak to the protestors. Upon arrival, the protest has gotten heated, and the militia is stepping in to escort the protestors away. Depending on Ryder's responses, Rhys will either stay on or leave the Nexus.

Authorize Stasis Revivals From Nexus Operations Edit

If Ryder decides to wake up the families, the protestors are given authority to do so from the Colonial Affairs deck. Rhys approaches Ryder while they are inputting the override codes and thanks Ryder for the choice. However, with all of the new additions to the Nexus, resources are even leaner, and personnel on the Hyperion must wait longer to be released.

Aftermath Edit

There are no obvious positive or negative consequences of either choice.

Rewards Edit

  • +800 XP (Not always visible on screen)
  • +73 AVP AVP icon

Bugs Edit

  • (Confirmed on PS4): Two question mark navpoints may appear on the stairway leading up from the Hydroponic Gardens to the second level, but with no actual individuals or other triggers present and they disappear from the map when Ryder reaches them. The "phantom ?'s" persist for the remainder of the game whenever Ryder returns to the Nexus.